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BarkBox Autumn Tail

BarkBox Autumn Box

BarkBox is one of the best things in our dog’s life and it’s not a secret to anyone. I swear she recognizes the brown box and goes for it right away, so good luck trying to hide it from her. And I would like to hide some stuff sometimes simply because she has so many toys and treats that it becomes physically impossible to destroy them all before a new shipment arrives. But she is the queen of our hearts and we let her be spoiled, so that’s that.

I am not a dog, but I enjoy the BarkBox almost as much, but for slightly different reasons. I love its convenience, cute themes every month, and the quality if toys and treats that get send. Between Chewy, where I order her food, and BarkBox with its treats and entertainment, I virtually never have to go to physical pet supply stores to shop for Oska. And I don’t miss that at all, especially during the pandemic.

BarkBox Autumn

This month’s BarkBox is all about fall season with changing leaves, maple syrup, and boots. All the toys, as usual, are exclusively made for BarkBox and one-of-a-kind. The box has two big toys and 2 bags of fall themed treats. There is no way I could go to a store and collect all that for just $22, which is what the box costs – Oska totally agrees and insists on continued subscription!

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BarkBox Autumn Deals

This is what we received in this Autumn Tail box:

Sticky Paws Maple Syrup plush toy

BarkBox Maple Syrup plush toy

The attention to detail here is astonishing and it’s so sad that the little handle will be lost the first time Oska lays her teeth on it. The bottle is very realistic – the shape, the label, and the little cap. It’s even complete with a maple leaf!

Barkwoods Boot

BarkBox Barkwoods Boot

Fall box wouldn’t be fall box without a boot with a maple leaf stuck to the bottom of it. It looks very real and also very fragile, which is unfortunate. As our boots start lining the entry it would be very cute to have Oska’s as well, but it’ll be ripped and empty inside by then. She will have plenty of fun with it though and that’s all that matters.

Fall Faves Duck Boots dog treats

BarkBox Fall Faves Duck Boots dog treats

Hunting season is upon us, so duck flavor is very natural this time of the year. The treats were appreciated by Oska – she must love everything that’s made in the USA and has chickpeas.

Fall Faves Pork N’ Spice Latte dog treats

BarkBox Fall Faves dog treats

This sounds like an interesting combination, but maybe bacon and latte would be quite amazing together, kinda like pineapples on pizza, right? Oska didn’t find it strange and devoured as many of those delicate treats as she was offered.

At the bottom of the box there was an invitation for a free box that Oska could give to her friend. She has quite a few good friends though, so it’ll be a tough choice, but we’ll manage. Thank you, BarkBox, for this Autumn Tail, we will make sure to write our own wit