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My Seasonal CauseBox Summer 2020 Review

CauseBox Summer 2020 Discount

July is for summer subscription boxes and rightfully so. There is nothing better than opening a box with all kinds of goodies while sitting at your air conditioned home and hoping that corona will be over one day. And it will be over, but by then we could be all out of cute things and of all things beauty. CauseBox makes sure we won’t be, but instead we will be ready to face the new world while feeling strong and beautiful.

CauseBox Summer 2020

CauseBox always supports various causes and it’s very important in today’s climate when there is so much animosity and negativity. From supporting local and far away artists to bringing us tips how to stay sane, CauseBox offers its calming influence.

Causebox Summer 2020 news

I always read the magazine and always find not only useful information, but also valuable advice and various ways how to use products that I just received. The summer’s magazine encourages us to stay home and be careful. It also offers recipes, brings stories of people behind some products, and announces sales and coupon codes for beauty buys.

CauseBox Summer 2020 Deals

When it comes to the box itself, I love natural ingredients, beautiful design, and ways we can practice self-care with the help of all those full size goodies. The box costs $54.95, but this number pales to the total value of each box, which I will calculate at the end.

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CauseBox Summer 2020 Offers

This is what came this time:

PMD Beauty cleaner – $99

CauseBox PMD Beauty cleaner

The internet is abuzz about this new generation device for facial cleaning. It is reusable, so no waste will be produced. It uses SonicGlow technology and is made of silicone. It works with all skin types, especially my oily kind and it also massages while cleans. I use it for facial serum application into my skin a few times per day. The device is battery powered and lasts for a long time.

Grace & Stella Hyaluronic Acid Serum – $25

CauseBox Grace & Stella Hyaluronic Acid Serum

This serum goes perfectly with the above cleaner’s massaging side and gets absorbed by the skin right away. Hyaluronic acid fights fine wrinkles without any need of more invasive methods. I love using it around my eyes at my tender age of 39.

Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm – $30

This balm doesn’t have any smell or taste. It is not shiny and can be used on lips, scrapes, dry skin, and many other places that need some help healing. My lips sunburn in the sun all summer long, so I know where I will be using it.

Feya Candle Co. Reed Diffuser in White Tea & Ginger – $35

CauseBox Reed Diffuser in White Tea & Ginger

I am in love with this fresh scent, which is so not intrusive that it now stands on my work desk. It has citrusy hint and I can definitely detect refreshing ginger. Every home can use something like this, especially when each purchase gives meals to those in need.

Savhera Essential Oil Roll-On (set of 2) – $30

CauseBox Savhera Essential Oil Roll-On

These essential oils are made in India by women who are survivors of sex trafficking.

CauseBox Savhera Essential Oil Roll-On (set of 2)

The funds they get from CauseBox support their health and wellness. One of the oils is designed to be applied in the morning for an extra pep in your step, while another one is for winding down in the evening.

Pepper + Vetiver Set of 3 Nesting Bowls – $36

CauseBox Set of 3 Nesting Bowls

Every kitchen can use a set like this. The bowls nest inside one another and thus take very little space.

CauseBox Pepper + Vetiver Bowls

They are heavy and beautiful – made in partnership with LA-based artists Erin Wolf.

CauseBox Bowls

Supporting local artists is essential during those uncertain times, so I will feel good every time I will be serving salads, olives, and dips in this beautiful set.

Altcooking Hub Set of 6 silicone stretch lids – $8

CauseBox silicone lids

While these lids are just $8, their impact is immeasurable. Using them can eliminate the need for plastic covers and clingy wraps that we so often use to cover something with. The lids are very easy to use; they stretch and hold even liquids. They are washable and easily stored, so say goodbye to whatever wraps you thought you couldn’t live without!

CauseBox Summer Discounts

Total value if this CauseBox is $263 and that makes me perfectly happy after spending just $54. Thank you, CauseBox, you did it again!