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My Honest CauseBox Review

Causebox Promo CodeCauseBox arrives looking beautiful

In my never ending quest of finding the best beauty subscription box, I have so far tried Macy’s Beauty Box, Birchbox, GlossyBox, and FabFitFun. Out of all of them I definitely loved FabFitFun the most. All other ones included mostly sample size items and I am not too keen on those. FabFitFun had 7-10 full size items in each quarterly box and I decided that I much rather pay a little more for the box and really use what I get.

Causebox CouponOpening this box is always a celebration

Today there is one more beauty and lifestyle subscription box entering the picture – CauseBox. I have heard quite a bit about it, mostly positive reviews, and really wanted to try it myself. This is my experience:

The box works very similarly to FabFitFun. It also costs $49.95 per box, but only if you sign up for yearly delivery, otherwise it’s $54.95.

Winter 2020 Causebox

It gets delivered every three months and features seasonal themes. Unlike FabFitFun, the boxes can be cancelled at any time. I read that FabFitFun gives quite a run around if you want to cancel them half way through your time.

Causebox PromotionCauseBox brings some good reading material

Just like FabFitFun, the value of items is always above $200, so you know you are getting good deals regardless if you like everything that’s inside or not. I re-gift stuff that I don’t fall completely in love with all the time. And let me tell you – all those items make perfect gifts for my girlfriends in addition to helping me save money on their gifts. I say it’s a win-win.

Causebox Discount OffersCauseBox magazine is full of beauty product choices

CauseBox differs from FabFitFun with their products and philosophy more than anything else. The first message you see when visiting CauseBox website for the first time is the “Be Good”. After looking at their products I understood that they are encouraging each one of us to be good to our bodies, environment, and all living creatures though no cruelty and natural product policy. I have not seen a message like that on FabFitFun or any other beauty subscription box. Major points go to CauseBox here!

Causebox 25% OFF CouponsGreat deals in CauseBox magazine

The company delivers all kinds of products, not only beauty or health, even though those are the most frequent. You will also get fashion accessories, home décor items, fitness products, and even jewelry. I have to say that I was very happy with what I received with my first CauseBox. This is what came, 7 items total:

Knit Throw Blanket - $120 retail value

Causebox Knit Throw Blanket I am loving my new blanket from CauseBox

Winter is still far from over and even in California it can get pretty cold and clammy, so I plan using this blanket for what it is at home and take it with me when I have to travel to be used as a shawl that goes with just about anything. I totally love this! The price of this alone is more than twice over the entire box’s cost!

s Black Currant Vetiver Candle - $35

Causebox La Lueur Candle La Lueur black current candle smells like my childhood

I am a well-known scented candle lover, a legendary one in my family, so needless to say I am in love with this one. I grew up eating black currant as a child in Europe, never found it here, but now I can at least smell it.

Causebox La Lueur Black Current Candle

I love how understated and luxurious this candle looks. The best thing – it’s made of coconut wax blend and hand poured, so I don’t imagine having any black smoke coming out from it.

Causebox La Lueur Candle DiscountIt looks good too

Wyld Konjac Facial Cleansing Sponge - $16.90

Causebox Wyld Konjac Facial Cleansing Sponge DiscountWyld facial sponge is great for face scrub and massage

I can now forget those one-time use facial cleaning pads because this sponge will serve me for a long time, even when the scent of konjac is gone. Who said I can’t use it with my own products? This is how CauseBox is being responsible.

La Beaute Soi 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set - $24

Causebox La Beaute Soi 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set DiscountCauseBox knows that it can never be too many makeup brushes

The brushes might not be uber expensive, but I have no plans to use them for years. I love how soft they are and how they all are neatly packed in a white draw-sting case. The only thing I am worried about is keeping that case white.

Vivit Daily Hair Vitamin E - $30

Causebox Vivit Daily Hair Vitamin EDaily hair health from CauseBox

I love coloring my hair all the time and because of that my tresses can really use all the Vitamin E that comes in this leave-in lotion. I don’t imagine there is anybody that could say no to this heavenly smelling product. I definitely won’t.

Causebox Vivit Hair Vitamin

SOKO Petite Bow Earrings - $42

Causebox SOKO Petite Bow EarringsBeautiful SOKO earrings

If I wear earrings, I wear them big, chunky, and long, so these definitely fit the bill. At the same time they speak of luxury and sophistication. I like the fact that I can take them anywhere – from office to the happy hour and beyond.

Simply Straws Rose Gold Skinny 3 Pack - $24

Causebox Simply Straws Rose Gold Skinny 3 PackRose gold reusable straws from CauseBox

This is one thing that I was looking for on my shopping trips, but haven’t found yet. My kids are using silicone straws or none at all, but I haven’t had any adult version until now.

Causebox Rose gold reusable straws

I am very worried about the state of our oceans, so I banned plastic straws and water bottles in our house long ago. Thanks to these good looking straws I will now be able to use them for all my spiked adult beverages and feel good about marine life and birds not getting into plastic straws.

Causebox Promotion CodeSharing is caring at CauseBox

Total value of all items is $291. Not bad for a $50 box!

It is worth mentioning that people with quarterly subscription don’t get to choose the items they receive, but annual members can and do. In my opinion, the element of surprise is one of the most attractive things about subscription boxes, so it really doesn’t matter to me if I have a choice or if I get products selected by beauty experts at CauseBox. After receiving my first box I am definitely a new fan of CauseBox and will be ordering again.