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My Favorite CauseBox Products

Favorite CauseBox Products

I am no expert by any means, but a girl can have an opinion, right? I have enjoyed a subscription box or two and have my firm likes and dislikes.

Top CauseBox beauty products

CauseBox is definitely always loved by me even if I only got 2 of them so far, so more are to come. 

Best Causebox Products

Everybody says that you value only the products that you use; others are sort of a burden. That is especially true about subscription boxes. If the box itself is $54 with advertised value of over $200, but I only use 2 products from there, the value for me will be much lower. But this is not the case about CauseBox, of course. I enjoy way more than two products from there, just not all of them equally.

Top Causebox Products

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I’ve had both boxes for a while now and time is the best test. While I think I love everything when I first see the goodies, in time it becomes clear that some perfectly good items are not very useful to me. 

Best Causebox Beauty Products

So this is what I use or plan to use as soon as this stupid corona is over and we resume parties, shopping, and traveling:

Pixie Mood crossbody bag

CauseBox Pixie Mood bag

This goes along the lines about corona – I love how this bag looks and feels, but don’t want to take it to a grocery store with me, because I will have to wipe it with alcohol upon my return from there and who knows how this vegan leather would react to that. Other than that I love the tan color and how spacious it is inside for all my needs. I will be conquering the world with it soon enough!

Jenni Earle bandana

CauseBox Jenni Earle bandana offer

I am not a bandana kind of girl, but this ethically made in Jaipur India beauty came right in time for coronavirus situation. We ordered some masks, but they still have a while before promised delivery, so I am wearing this stylish bandana instead and feeling all cute at Home Depot.

Jenni Earle bandana by CauseBox

Whitley Kerney set of two mugs

CauseBox Coffee Mugs

Half of our coffee mugs at home are discolored and chipped, so these two beautifully colored with pastels are perfect for a little cupboard update. And not only that – they are hand-illustrated and proceeds from their sales go towards victims of domestic violence.

CauseBox Set of Coffee Mugs

One of my friends has been a victim of this and I feel very supportive for this charity.

CauseBox Whitley Kerney set of two mugs

Earth Harbor Aqua Aura reparative eye cream

CauseBox Aqua Aura reparative eye cream

It can never be too many eye creams. While I don’t really use creams and lotions, at my tender almost 39, I am starting to see the need for eye cream. I also do some serious sun tanning, so eye creams are the only things that I became diligent about. This one smells heavenly, is natural, and has seaweed collagen, various antioxidants and oils, so what’s not to love?

CauseBox Aqua Aura Cream

Vitiv Daily Hair Vitamin

CauseBox Vitiv Daily Hair Vitamin

I color and abuse my hair all the time, so a little care is always due. This product is very easy to use, which is why I like it. I just wash my hair, apply conditioner, and then use apply the vitamin on wet hair without rinsing. If it would be more complicated than this, I wouldn’t make myself take time, but now I feel good about giving my tresses some nourishing the easy way.

Wyld konjac facial cleansing sponge

Wyld konjac facial cleansing sponge by Causebox

Finally, a nice face sponge! My oily skin enjoys a little massage on it and this one does the job. It smells good and doesn’t require any soap application, not yet anyway. Once the infusion is all used up, I will continue enjoying it with my favorite facial cleanser from Neutrogena. 

Facial Cleansing Sponge by CauseBox

While these products are my favorite, I found some use for other things as well – a beautiful linen blanket is on a sofa in the library, organic cotton shopping bags are ready for groceries in my purse, and stainless steel straws get used by kids all the time.

This goes to show that the value I place on CauseBox is definitely close to $200 every time.  I can’t wait for my summer box and for COVID-19 to go away so that life and pretty things could be enjoyed the proper way!