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CauseBox Spring 2020 Review (Annual Subscription)

CauseBox Spring Box DiscountCauseBox brings more spring to every home

CauseBox is always nice, but all the cute things and positive messages are extra nice now when we all are sitting home under quarantine orders because of corona virus. What a great time to get a box that is covered in flowers and celebrating life! We do need some type of good mood though, so we’ll take anything and CauseBox is not just your average anything – it’s full of luxury and pampering.

Causebox Spring Box PromoA little piece of heaven for every woman in your life

I am an annual subscriber to CauseBox and always enjoy getting a new box. I don’t always love the long wait though, but it’s not like I am busy doing anything else but waiting right now. I can’t go shopping, can’t live social life, and can’t even take kids to school, but what I can do is take good care of myself and walk, which is exactly what I faithfully work on every day. And watch out, world, when ‘m leaving the house after all this COVID-19 is over, I intend to make a statement with my perfect skin, new handbags, and those reusable organic linen grocery sacks. But let’s start from the beginning.

CauseBox Spring Box couponCauseBox comes loaded with goodies

My spring box arrived in April, which is still very much spring, but I know some people got their seasonal spring boxes way before me, so I wish CauseBox would hurry up next time. In the big scheme of things it’s really not a big deal as we all are getting used to Amazon deliveries that now take 18 days instead of 2.

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This is what I got in my CauseBox:

CauseBox Spring 2020 Annual SubscriptionHandmade and environment friendly products from CauseBox

CauseBox magazine

CauseBox MagazineCauseBox magazines always has some good reads

It’s not a long read, but has all the needed information about each item included if you crave that knowledge. When I read where each item came from, I feel connected to it and enjoy knowing what does my money support. So read it – it’s not like your social calendar doesn’t leave you time for that.

Friend referral coupon

Causebox Friend referral couponVery simple way to get $15 off from CauseBox

Yes, savings like these are worth printing! You will get $15 credit and they will get $10 off their first box if they use your sent link to sign up for CauseBox.

Cloud Bento box

CauseBox Cloud Bento boxBentgo from CauseBox can reduce disposable plastic use

So I got Cloud Bento box instead of Sunflower Bento box and they are sorry about it.

CauseBox Cloud Bento Box CouponCauseBox takes each customer seriously and treats them with respect

I am not sure what the difference between these two is, but they added a letter saying that there were problems with the Sunflower one’s production and that it will arrive with my summer box.

Causebox Sunflower Bento Box PromoExtra goods are coming in order to keep everybody happy

Cool, I guess I’ll have two then! This means that we’ll have more reusable options to take for picnics and not waste paper or plastic plates and utensils.

Pixie Mood Crossbody bag

CauseBox Pixie Mood Crossbody bagPixie Mood vegan leather handbag is beautiful

This white stunner is made of vegan leather, which feels like the real thing. It has an optional strap or can be carried in one’s hand. This is the one I was talking about when I said I will be armed with new handbags when allowed to conquer the world again. It looks really beautiful!

Earth Harbor Aqua Aura Reparative Eye Cream

CauseBox Earth Harbor Eye CreamFresh like ocean eye cream from Earth Harbor

This little container has some potent and good smelling cream for your eyes. Seaweed collagen sounds serious and it works overnight, so put it on before going to bed and it won’t be long before you see the results.

Gardea AuSet Calm Mood Mist

CauseBox Gardea AuSet Calm Mood MistCalm is so needed now, so spray away

Mood is key word here, we all need some elevation these days, and this mist is perfect for it. It’s gentle, can be used on skin, on your body, and as aromatherapy in the room. For example, if you spray it in your bedroom in the evening, you might have a pleasant dream that home isolation is over in 2 days and you hop on the plain to go to Italy right after that. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Dime Super Eye Duo

CauseBox Dime Super Eye DuoDime Eye Duo will keep your peepers ready for the end of quarantine

Who says that staying home shouldn’t involve some makeup routines? Putting some mascara on those long lashes would improve your own mood and for those round you, like your husband. No need to do this every day, of course, but give this eyelash boost serum and volume mascara duo some work from time to time.

Simple Self Wellness Planner

CauseBox Simple Self Wellness PlannerWellness planner can keep you focused on positive things in life

As we all live in the uncharted territory now, stress is heightened and daily routines are often ruined. This planner offers some help in restoring your balance, prioritizing your own well-being above work and daily rut. You need to be your best self to care for others and stay mentally stable, so try this 13-week planner and you might be surprised by the results.

Artisan Direct Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit (set of 5)

Causebox Artisan Direct Grocery Starter KitHandmade in India grocery bags for future days of shopping

Those cute grocery bags are made of 100% cotton, in India, and will be ready for the times when I will hit the grocery stores myself again, instead of relying on Instacart and Vitacost deliveries. They are small, convenient, washable, and a good way to start conversation about sustainability.

In total there were 7 awesome items in the box and they all gave me some joy in this time of need. I sure hope that by the time the next CauseBox arrives sometime in June, we will be way on our way back to normal life. But in the meantime, let’s stay positive and let’s remain beautiful!