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SinglesSwag vs. CauseBox

SinglesSwag vs CauseboxCauseBox or SinglesSwag?/20off.com

I have tried both of these boxes just once each, but that’s enough to have the first impression. This type of impression can be wrong and you do need to give people and companies second chance, but for review purpose the first time is the charm.

I tried quite a few beauty subscription boxes because I believe in them and love getting products picked out for me and delivered to my door. When it comes to those two boxes, I see their similarities and also quite a few differences.

CauseBox DiscountCauseBox arrives full of natural high quality items

Both, SinglesSwag and CauseBox, are beauty subscription boxes that claim to include more natural and organic products. I feel that CauseBox is definitely closer to this goal than SinglesSwag. CauseBox strives to feature socially and environmentally responsible companies that might not be very famous yet, but specialize in natural products. Some items are handmade, others carry messages with them. Every item is selected with a cause in mind and really does the name justice. SinglesSwag is focused on a message of female empowerment and self-confidence, but while the company does try to include items with that in mind, the promise of natural products is largely unfulfilled.

SinglesSwag box CouponSinglesSwag for single ladies and the ones who want to treat themselves

SinglesSwag box comes every month and can be regular (6-7 items) or petite (3-4 items). It costs $39.99 per month, but you can get a small discount if you order it for 3 or 6 months. CauseBox costs $54.95 per season or $49.95 if you prepay for a year. You will get your boxes every season, once per three months. You will spend more money on SinglesSwag per year, but you will also get a lot more items per year than from CauseBox. This is where you have to ask yourself if you care about quality or quantity more.

SinglesSwag Bracelet Set with CharmsInspirational bracelets from SinglesSwag

I like the fact that both boxes bring full size items as I have no patience for little travel size tubes all over my house. If I don’t like something that is full size, I can gift it to somebody else, but if I can’t use little testers, they just end up staying in my bathroom drawers and rolling around, which bothers me.

The main idea of SinglesSwag is to reach women that might be struggling with being single and need some inspiration and support. The products they send are usually a feel-good book, a tasty treat, fashion accessories, and beauty products. I like this idea and enjoyed reading messages on the website that talk about being strong and confident, which doesn’t have anything to do with having a man in one’s life. I am not single, but I don’t see why such messages and products wouldn’t apply to me, so I ordered my first SinglesSwag box with 50% off for new customer.

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SinglesSwag Box 20OFFLoving Yourself is easy with SinglesSwag

Once my first box arrived I was very anxious to open it, but as soon as I did, I decided that single ladies deserve better than this. The selection seemed very random and not well thought through. Brightly colored sock? A book that is not Eat Pray Love, but stories from people that got inspired by the book?

What in SinglesSwag BoxThe list of items from SinglesSwag

2 non-organic beauty products? Super sweet brownie? I don’t know about you, but single or not, I can do without those products. There were also 2 items that I liked. My biggest disappointment was the absence of natural and organic anything, which I expected. This is what I got in my box:

  • Blue Revival Knit Twist Pompom Beanie ($36) – this is one of the two products that I actually like and can see a girl wearing it to an outdoor date or during a stroll in the park

SinglesSwag BeanieBlue Revival hat from SinglesSwag is super cute

  • Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It – Life Journeys Inspired by the Bestselling Memoir ($16) – I want to read the real thing, not the inspired by it stories

SinglesSwag Life JourneysEat Pray Love inspired book from SinglesSwag

  • Lily Sky 3-Piece Beaded Bracelet Set with Charms ($58) – no woman can have too many bracelets, so even if those are not the highest quality, I’ll take them

SinglesSwag Beaded Bracelet Set with CharmsBracelets can work for married ladies too

  • StandUp Socks, I Love Me ($18) – could work for marathon runners who like high rising socks, but that’s not me

SinglesSwag StandUp SocksColorful socks from SinglesSwag

  • Heart Shaped Love Cookie – too sweet and no health benefits

SinglesSwag Heart Shaped Love CookieSweet brownie for lonely evenings from SinglesSwag

  • Manna Kadar Goddess Luxe Bath & Body Collection Refreshing Face Mist – this product might work for many people, but there is nothing in it

SinglesSwag Refreshing Face MistManna Kadar Goddess face mist smells good, but is not very natural

  • Brilliance New York Hair Couture Essential Hydration Repairing hair Mask with Argan Oil – besides its fancy name there is nothing fancy about it

SinglesSwag Essential Hydration Repairing hair MaskBrillianve New York hair mask with a very long name

I feel like CauseBox is closer to my lifestyle and better matches my views, starting with original art on the box and finishing with careful selection of great products.

CauseBox PromotionCauseBox looks lovely inside and out

It seems that people behind CauseBox expect customers to return and want to treat them with high quality products in every box, so I assume consistency is important to them.

CauseBox Promotional OfferCauseBox offers ways to win a shopping spree

This is what I got in my first CauseBox, which was also bought with a discount that applies to new customers – 25% off:

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CauseBox Blanket PromoThis throw blanket alone is worth more than the entire box price

  • Knit Throw Blanket ($120) – the price alone makes it worth it, but I also love how beautiful it is

CauseBox BlanketIt’s great for taking along in spring

  • La Lueur Candles Black Currant Vetiver Candle ($35) – made of coconut wax and smells like my childhood berries

CauseBox La Lueur CandleLa Lueur black currant natural wax candle from CauseBox

  • Wyld Konjac Facial Cleansing Sponge ($16.90) – reusable facial cleaning solution is exactly how you go about being responsible

CauseBox Wyld Konjac Facial Cleansing SpongeWyld Konjac facial sponge is amazing

  • La Beaute Soi 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set ($24) – I should change my makeup brushes often, it turns out, so this is perfect

CauseBox Makeup Brush SetLe Beaute Soi makeup brushes from CauseBox

  • Vivit Daily Hair Vitamin E ($30) – great for my color treated hair that take some abuse all the time

CauseBox Vivit Daily Hair Vitamin EVitiv daily hair vitamin for tired hair

  • SOKO Petite Bow Earrings ($42) – great earrings for single ladies and for married ones too
  • Simply Straws Rose Gold Skinny 3 Pack ($24) – finally stylish reusable straws I can take anywhere with me

CauseBox Simply Straws Rose Gold Skinny 3 PackStylish stainless steel straws from CauseBox

I love all seven items from this box and only 2 from SinglesSwag, so the winner for me is clear. As I said at the beginning, there is a chance that I just got a bad box from SinglesSwag, but I am not sure if I will be giving them more chances. In today’s market you don’t always get many opportunities, so companies need to capture attention right away. The idea of SinglesSwag is not bad, so I hope that their methods can be improved and match that idea better in the future.