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Annual vs. Seasonal CauseBox

Seasonal CauseBox Discount

CauseBox subscription box can be ordered two different ways – paid per season or prepaid for a year. Paying for a year will save you some money because each box costs $49.95 instead of quarterly cost of $54.95 per box. Another perk is getting your box earlier if you are an annual subscriber.

CauseBox Coupon Codes

My sister was the first one to discover CauseBox and signed up for annual membership right away. After hearing how she enjoyed her box, I also wanted to try it, but for comparison reasons I ordered a quarterly box with a possibility of switching to annual if I see a lot of benefits to do that, besides saving $20.

Winter CauseBox

Both of us had to wait for our boxes for a long time after ordering, so there is no difference there. We also both had 7 full size items in our boxes, 4 of which we had a choice, and 3 that went to everybody. We did choose different items, so that is the biggest difference.

I really believe that once we become established customers, we will be getting our boxes in time. My first box took a few weeks to arrive, and finally came on March 1st, but it’s a winter box! I was a little frustrated about that, but after I opened it and enjoyed what I got, my frustration went away. I really hope not to get my spring box in June, but that remains to be seen.

CauseBox Coupon 40% OFF

It’s worth mentioning that first time customers get some nice savings on their starting box – 20% off with their email address. In the future clients can save money when ordering their favorite products from CauseBox market. Coupon codes and discounts are rare, but I would always check before ordering for every opportunity to save.

Based on both of our observations, besides saving $20 per year and possibly getting your boxes before others, there are no other reasons to sign up for annual membership.

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CauseBox Promo 40% OFF

These are the three items that everybody got in their winter boxes:

Soko Petite Bow Earrings in silver – $42

We both liked these earrings, even though my sister wears less and smaller jewelry. Both pairs are silver color.

CauseBox Earrings in silver

Wyld French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge – $16.90

She says she’s been using hers for a long time. I just got mine and so far so good – it smells amazing and makes my skin shine after I use it.

CauseBox Sponge

Simply Straws Rose Gold Straw Kit – $24

I was looking for stylish stainless steel straws for me for a while, and now they came right to my house. I banned plastic ones a long time ago, so these will be perfect.

CauseBox Stainless Steel Straws

And for the other 4 products we both got different things. I ordered these:

  • Imani Collective Woven Throw Blanket in Slate – $120 value

CauseBox Imani Throw Blanket

  • Whitney Kerney Set of 2 Mugs – $35

CauseBox Set of Mugs

  • Samara Luxe Jewelry Box – $42

CauseBox Jewelry Box

  • Vitiv Daily Hair Vitamin – $30

CauseBox Vivit Daily Hair Vitamin

The blanket is beautiful and really feels natural thanks to it being hand-made from 100% cotton. It’s not too thick to be used in spring and I am planning to do that for sure.

Mugs I love because they support domestic violence victims, and since one of my friends is a victim, it really resonates with me and I stand behind this fight.

CauseBox Set of 2 Mugs

The jewelry box is beautiful, but not too large. It is made vegan leather and part of profits go for solar power in Africa, where so many school age kids don’t have electricity at home.

CauseBox Luxe Jewelry Box

Hair vitamin leave-in solution is great for me because I put my tresses under constant stress from coloring and constant blow drying and straightening. It takes just 2 minutes to apply it and I can definitely spend this much on my tired hair.

My sister ordered:

  • Knit Sweater Jacket – $120 retail value
  • La Lueur Candles Black Currant Vetiver Candle – $35

CauseBox La Lueur Candle Discount

  • La Beaute Soi 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set – $24

CauseBox Makeup Brush Set Promo

  • Vitiv Daily Hair Vitamin E – $30

CauseBox Vitiv Vitamin E

She lives in Southern California, so sweater jacket like this one can work all year round and she said she has been wearing it and getting compliments everywhere she goes.

CauseBox Subscription Box Discount

I am a little jealous about this black currant candle. I am a big scented candle lover and this scent always takes me back to my childhood. I might just have to order it separately.

I don’t use too much foundation or powder and neither does she, but makeup brushes have to be changed quite often, so it’s always good to have plenty of them at home.

She is much gentler with her hair abuse than I am, but nobody can have too many hair treatments, especially when it’s loaded with vitamin E.

We both unanimously love our boxes and plan to stick with CauseBox for a while!