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CauseBox 2020 Spring Editor's and Welcome Box Comparison

CauseBox 2020 Spring Editor's and Welcome Box

I believe that every new customer of CauseBox should start with a Welcome box to get an idea what it is all about, and every addicted customer should get an annual subscription and Editor’s boxes every season. Spending over $50 on something you have no idea about is totally not necessary. Spending money every season is also not the best way when you can order all yearly boxes right away and not only save a few dollars, but also get them before everybody else. 

CauseBox Welcome Box Promo

As you can see, I am a happy CauseBox customer who started with Welcome box and graduated to Editor’s boxes. Obviously my Welcome box was so good that I got hooked right away. After I got hooked, I am working on getting my friends hooked too, because it’s more fun together.

CauseBox Welcome box

One of my friends is into it and has received her first Welcome box, after waiting for 3 months. It was quite fun for me to see what she received because most items I have from my 2 previous boxes, winter and spring. It totally makes sense for CauseBox to include unsold product from previous seasons for new customers and let them sample the real thing. 

CauseBox Boxes

Her Welcome box had 7 items, which is about what we all get in our Editor’s boxes that usually contain anywhere from 6 to 8 items. Case in point – my last annual box had 7 items. Welcome box arrives to people who sign up for CauseBox when seasonal boxes are sold out, so it’s very common to get them. 

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After she received her Welcome box, I brought my last Editor’s box over, and we sat outside in safe social distance opening our boxes together. Some items were the same, so we felt very connected. See, CauseBox can be a reason for connection, and who doesn’t need that these days? One thing is for certain – we will wear the same necklace and will use the same eye cream for a while!

CauseBox Editor's box

Here are the products that matched:

  • Earth Harbor Aqua Aura Reparative Eye Cream – we will have to compare the results, but she might win, because I suntan too much for my skin to be wrinkle-free, even though this seaweed collagen cream sounds good and has been working for me. 

Earth Harbor Cream by CauseBox

  • Artisan Direct Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit (set of 5) – I have been using the bags all through corona pandemic, so while I don’t grocery shopping often, when I do, I load these 100% cotton from India babies up. My friend is environmentally conscious and will definitely love them.

This is what I got separately from her:

  • Cloud Bento box – I was supposed to get sunflower bento box, but they ran out and sent me this one with a note that my sunflower box will arrive as an extra in my summer delivery. I don’t mind that at all because this box is very convenient and can be used for my kids’ lunches when they go back to school.
  • Pixie Mood Crossbody bag – this beautiful bag alone is worth the entire price of CauseBox and I love it. I am so ready to take it out with me when I don’t have to worry about wiping it with alcohol after each grocery trip. I don’t want anything to happen to this vegan leather.
  • Gardea AuSet Calm Mood Mist – I like spraying it in my bedroom before bed or in my office, when my I need some inspiration and calmness.
  • Dime Super Eye Duo – when I will emerge from corona lockdown, I intend to look fabulous. Since we all will have to wear masks, eyes will have to speak volumes, and I believe with this set they will.
  • Simple Self Wellness Planner – once I have events to plan again, I will start using it. Its purpose is to help us all carve some ‘Me’ time in our day, but lately I feel like I have plenty of that after I work, homeschool, cook, clean, workout, and clean again. On a second thought maybe I should start using it ASAP?

This is what my friend got:

  • The Weekender duffel bag by Known Supply – it’s a simple high quality bag and I should know because I received one in fall 2019 box. The bag is very convenient for short trips and gym, so it can be used pretty often.

CauseBox S’well water bottle

  • S’well water bottle – her red bottle really stands out and holds cold stuff cold for 24 hours and hot things hot for 12 hours. I know she will use it in her gym all the time. 
  • Organic Cotton Haiku Spring Scarf by Bloom & Give – I love her scarf because of how universal it is. She can add it to any outfit and look great. If she won’t wear it, I’ll have to confiscate it for me.

Fosterie Necklace by Causebox

  • Fosterie Layered Gem Necklace – I received this necklace in one of my previous boxes. It’s cute and understated, but since I like precious metal necklaces, it went to my daughter. My friend has a son, so she might wear it herself, it remains to be seen.

CauseBox Hand Repair Cream

  • Scentuals Rosemary Mint hand repair cream – 100% natural cream with shea butter will be great for my friend’s sensitive hands. I think she will use this a lot!