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CauseBox Summer 2020 Annual Review

CauseBox Summer Box

Summer is in full swing and CauseBox is finally here to help me get into that carefree spirit even more. I always look forward to these boxes for various reasons. As coronavirus is still holding California captive, I don’t like venturing out shopping in masks, so getting boxes of goodies delivered to my door is more than just convenience to me.

CauseBox Summer Promo

I view it as a vital connection to the normalcy these days. And I also feel like a child unwrapping gifts every time I open one of my many subscription boxes. CauseBox is one of my favorites, so extra joy is experienced here – even my kids know that mommy is ‘in the zone’ when she sits on a floor and starts opening this box.

CauseBox Summer Discount

I have an annual subscription, and even though it doesn’t differ from seasonal that much in terms of included products, I get to choose more items and get the box faster. My sister has seasonal subscription and while I was able to enjoy my box already, hers hasn’t come yet. And not only that – prepaying for a year saves money too!

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Each seasonal box costs $54.95, while each box with yearly subscription is just $49.95. The collective value of items from each box is way over $200.

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CauseBox Summer Box Promo

It is also very important to mention that CauseBox always has some kind of message and supports a cause or two. Every box features not only as many natural ingredients as possible, but also supports various charities and artisans from distant lands who make unique items we get to enjoy.

CauseBox Summer 2020 Promo

I think I am done with CauseBox praises for now, so let’s look at what I got in my latest one:

First of all, there is always a magazine, which I enjoy. It’s no People, but it informs me about all the products, brings an inspirational story, and gives a few hints about what to expect for the next time.

CauseBox Summer Box Coupons

PMD Beauty Facial Clean Brush – $99

CauseBox Facial Clean Brush

This device offers an innovative way to clean my face. It’s soft, so no damage will come to the sensitive skin, but it also offers enough brushing power to exfoliate and renew skin surface. I need this in summer time more than ever because I spend too much time in the sun and because my oily skin needs extra cleaning power when it gets hot outside.

Pepper and Vetiver Set of Three Nesting Bowls – $36

CauseBox Nesting Bowls

Who doesn’t need a nice set of bowls for all those summer fruit and chips servings? These textured bowls are made in collaboration with local LA artist Erin Wolf, and I always like supporting local businesses. The bowls stack up and don’t take much space – yet another reason to like them.

CauseBox Pepper and Vetiver Set of Three Nesting Bowls

Grace & Stella Hyaluronic Acid Serum – $25

CauseBox Acid Serum

Summer is a time when our skin can enjoy a little extra care. This serum provides wrinkle help without a need to visit a plastic surgeon for injections. How awesome is that? If I went to get a facial or something like that, I know I would get lectured about sun damage, but with this cream I feel a lot more confident about that.

Feya Candle Co. Reed Diffuser – $35

CauseBox Reed Diffuser

This reed diffuser smells luxuriously of white tea and ginger, is packed in a box made with recycled materials, and gives back meals to the needy with each purchase. I use such diffusers in my bathrooms all the time, so it’ll definitely not go to waste. The scent reminds me of tropical vacation with refreshing ginger and is perfect for this time when we can’t actually go on a real tropical vacation.

AltCooking Hub Set of Silicone Stretch Lids – $8

CauseBox Silicone Stretch Lids

These three lids will render my cling wrap inferior and not needed any more. These lids can fit many containers and are leak-proof. I am obsessed with reducing our plastic consumption and am constantly looking for new ways to achieve that. These lids are worth way more than $8 to me!

Nanaka Juice Cleanse Citrus Bath Salts – $20

CauseBox Nanaka Juice Cleanse Citrus Bath Salts

My kids discovered the bathtub in our bathroom and now want to spend at least an hour there every evening. These salts are made of citrus oils and Epsom salts, which are way better than some bubbly soap they want to use, so from now on kids will sit in these reinvigorating bath salts and I will enjoy them from time to time too, whenever the bathtub is vacant.

The box is worth $223 and I love it!