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My Spring CauseBox Review

Spring CauseBox Discount

Today I received my second CauseBox. I opened the door to see what online orders from Amazon and Walmart got delivered, but instead I saw a beautifully colored box with flowers all over it. We all need some good news when we are forced to stay at home working and homeschooling our kids. Yes, I am talking about the dangerous corona virus, which cancelled our traveling plans this spring and put an end to our social life. We are staying home and observing this beautiful spring through our windows or taking walks in obscure areas at best. Many of us are feeling lonely, anxious, and would take anything to help us cheer up.

Causebox Colorful Box

Seeing a colorful box with positive products and beauty supplies inside is as good as it gets during this difficult time. I never liked shopping for beauty products and even clothes anyway, but now I can’t do that even if I wanted to. Sure, I can still order online, but if I ever venture there, I get consumed with grocery orders and never have time to think about my beauty routine. But I should.

CauseBox Spring Discount

I am very happy that I don’t have to think about my shopping with a subscription of CauseBox. Not only it arrives in time of need, but I don’t have to go to stores and have any contact with people. Granted, I wiped the box with alcohol wipes and took precautions, but it’s nowhere close to the current dangers of visiting physical stores. Thank you, CauseBox! We all need a ray of sunshine and positive messages to feel good and to have hope that this isolation and deadly virus will go away one day.

Spring CauseBox Coupon

 I fell in love with CauseBox the first time I tried it, last winter. The spring box didn’t disappoint me either. The main thing I love about this subscription service is the message. The box brings things and products that are natural, artisan handmade, come from all over the world, and support communities and charities. The box comes every season and is slightly more expensive than other similar offers, but I feel good about spending a few dollars extra to help somebody. Each box costs $54.99 with seasonal subscription, but you can save a little bit with yearly subscription option.

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Spring CauseBox 15% off Discount

Today was a perfect spring day, so I took the box outside and opened it while my kids played in the pool. I always love taking pictures of beautiful things I unbox, but the amount of pollen made it nearly impossible this time. At this time we need corona to go away and rains to come!

Spring CauseBox Promo

This is what I got in my box for spring 2020:

Pixie Mood Zoe Crossbody in Honey – $75

Spring CauseBox Pixie Mood Zoe Crossbody in Honey.jpg

This item was the biggest, so I reached for it before anything else. The bag is absolutely gorgeous, feels like real leather, and will be very much used. It is made of vegan leather and includes a strap. This handbag alone costs more than the entire box!

Bentgo Stackable Bento Box in Blush – $29

Spring CauseBox Bentgo Box

Not that I am going to go out anywhere any time soon, but when this sheltering in place will end, I am planning on having lunches outside every day for at least a month. The box has a lid, two compartments, and built in cutlery.

Spring CauseBox Bentgo Stackable Bento Box

I love how this can replace plastic containers. I think I will take this box on evenings out and will put my leftovers there for the next day. I also love that this company donates to Feed the Children.

Artisan Direct Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit – $22

Spring CauseBox Artisan Direct Grocery Starter Kit.

This kit includes 5 cotton bags – 2 muslin and 3 mesh. They are handmade by artisans in Jaipur, India. This project offers jobs for this Indian community and reduces our usage of plastics – all benefits. I am planning to use the bags for fruit, veggies, and nuts as soon as I am free to visit grocery stores again. The bags are washable and fold nicely to fit in your purse.

CauseBox Grocery Starter Kit

Earth Harbor Reparative Eye Cream – $34

CauseBox Earth Harbor Eye Cream

The stress of our uncertain times might be getting to all of us, but now I can at least protect my eyes from those unsightly under bags and little wrinkles. This smoothing and refreshing cream is made of seaweed collagen, blue tansy, and plant oils. It’s all natural, firming, and fast acting.

Spring CauseBox Eye Cream

Cardea Auset Calm Mood Mist – $30

Spring CauseBox Calm Mood Mist

This product is aroma therapeutic and has many purposes. It’s all natural and hypoallergenic, so you can use it air freshener, focus helper, sleep aid, and body spray. It smells very refreshing and works on your skin just as nice as in the air.

Spring CauseBox Cardea Auset Calm Mood Mist

Fosterie Layered Gem Necklace – $36

Spring CauseBox-Fosterie Layered Gem Necklace

The necklace is beautiful and understated. You can wear it anywhere, from home to office, and to happy hour after work. It is made by artisans in Medellin, Columbia, so you know wearing it will provide much needed jobs.

Jenni Earle Wild + Free Bandana – $32

CauseBox Jenni Earle Free Bandana

This is another item made in Jaipur, India. The bandana is not only beautiful and universal, but is meant to be your talisman for courage and adventure; we will definitely need something like this after COVID-19 is over and we are back roaming the world free and forever changed. I plan to wear it on my neck as a fashion statement on my many adventures.

Spring CauseBox Coupons

Total value of this box is $258, which is great, but I feel that social impact is greater even. Each box supports local communities, provides jobs, and donates to charities – all of that while making me happy with great products. I am already looking forward to my summer box and all the surprises it will bring!