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CauseBox Spring 2020 Welcome Box Review

CauseBox Spring Welcome Box

Do you get a feeling that every day is just like the one before and tomorrow won’t be much different? I think many people now can identify with that. That’s why we order things and amuse ourselves with deliveries. Sure, many states are opening up after coronavirus and allowing people to slowly rejoin the world of living and get back to life. Those are the lucky ones, but for the rest of us there is CauseBox.

CauseBox Spring Welcome Box promo

You might have to wait a month or three when you first apply for it, but when the delivery comes, it is guaranteed that this day won’t seem like all others, because who doesn’t like surprises at their door step? I sure like them and make a little celebration out of opening it, especially during corona quarantine.

I read that some people are getting disillusioned with subscription boxes, but I am relatively new at this and so I still enjoy every box, even if not every product seems very essential for me. Anything beats going to a mall for me, even before anybody has ever heard of COVID-19. I am no beauty expert, but I love beauty. The same goes for fashion, fitness, home décor, and feminine lifestyle.

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In short, I love getting my CauseBoxes every season. I don’t always enjoy paying $54 for it, but price-value ratio seems fair to me, when I know that products inside are worth over $200. I also enjoy knowing that CauseBox specializes in sustainable, natural, and socially acceptable products from around the world. Positive message and tangible support to underprivileged communities makes me feel all warm inside.

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CauseBox Spring Welcome Box Coupon Codes

My love for this box is well known among my friends and some want to experience this service themselves. One of my good friends decided to give it a try and ordered a Spring 2020 Welcome Box. So this is what she got in her first quarantine box, which will go in history with all its blue flowers:

The Weekender duffel bag by Known Supply

CauseBox Weekender duffel bag

Similar bag was included in my Fall 2019 box, so I know exactly what she got. The bag is nothing super special, but is definitely useful for short trips, gym, or camping packing. You can buy similar bag on eBay for about $30, totally new. eBay comes very handy for me too when I get stuff that I know I won’t have any use for and won’t give away as gifts. Selling a couple of items from each box can help offset the price paid for the entire box. As far as I know, she is going to keep it, because there is never too many bags!

S’well water bottle

CauseBox Swell Water Bottle

She got a bright red bottle, which looks so festive that it calls for some bubbly inside. All jokes aside, this bottle is great for water. It is BPA and BPS free, stainless steel, vacuum insulated, and keeps everything cold for 24 hours, hint hint for that bubbly.

CauseBox S'well red water bottle

It can also keep coffee hot for 12 hours. But knowing my friend, I know this bottle will be going with her to gym every day, when it opens up, that is.

Earth Harbor Aqua Aura reparative eye cream

My friend always talks about wrinkles around her eyes, so now she’s got a solution. I got this cream in my last box and have been using it every night. It smells heavenly and feels good on my skin. I never see spectacular results with eye creams, but would like to believe that I would look a lot worse without them.

Organic Cotton Haiku Spring Scarf by Bloom & Give

CauseBox Spring Scarf by Bloom & Give

I got a bit jealous when I saw this simple, but luxurious scarf. CauseBox never send me anything like that, but it has plenty of good stuff, so I can’t complain. The scarf will go well with just about anything and is great for traveling, when she can do that again. I can see her in blue jeans and this scarf just killing it!

Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit by Artisan Direct

CauseBox Grocery Starter Kit by Artisan Direct

As soon as shopping is wide open again, those bags will be very useful. My friend goes to grocery stores about once per week and loves reusable bags. I received these bags in my last box and use them every time I go shopping – they look perfect after multiple washes.

Fosterie Layered Gem Necklace

CauseBox Fosterie Necklace

My daughter loves this necklace from my last box, but my friend has a son, so she will have to love it herself. This fair trade necklace is perfect for everyday jewelry and will fit every outfit. She works at the bank and needs understated jewelry all the time. I think she will love it.

Scentuals Rosemary Mint hand repair cream

CauseBox Scentuals Rosemary Mint hand repair cream

Last item might just prove the most useful. She is sensitive to many chemicals and has very problematic hand skin, but this cream is 100% natural and contains shea butter. I hope she can see some relief with this. Otherwise I accept donations any time.

I think she is happy with her Welcome box. She says she is, but I now it takes a few days to understand what products you will definitely love and which ones will be sold on eBay.