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Holiday Collection from BarkBox at Lowe's

Holiday Collection from BarkBox at Lowe's

We are faithful BarkBox customers and have been for a while. Our dog Oska seems to prefer BarkBox toys and treats to all others. She gets excited every time she gets the brown box delivered. I think she can smell it from a distance. Even our UPS driver doesn’t get barked at as much when he has one of those brown boxes in his hands.

BarkBox is a subscription service, which means that we get to enjoy it once a month. Sometimes only once a month is not enough. Oska goes through stages – there are days and weeks when she is very active in toy destruction field and then it might be a couple of months when she loses interest. This means that we go from severe toy shortage to overload a few times per year.

Thankfully we have Lowe’s close by, which has a partnership with BarkBox and frequently features their signature toys. During active plush killing sprees, we visit Lowe’s quite often. The home improvement store carries BarkBox toys and rotates them based on different themes and seasons. Now, obviously, it’s all about Christmas, so the Bark toys choices at Lowe’s are all Christmas related. Oska doesn’t care about what the toys means, she is after how it feels and tastes. And we are pretty happy with that extra Christmas spirit.

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After the holidays it’ll probably be Valentine’s Day collection and I will be looking forward to that, but now I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in all things Christmas for my dog.

Here is what our Lowe’s currently has from BarkBox:

Bark Ginger Bread Woman

Bark Ginger Bread Woman

This I liked right away – why does it always have to be a ginger bread man? It’s a high time for a woman. I guess it’s all the ‘woke’ stuff taking place, but it does make me feel good. Oska doesn’t care if she kills a man or a woman, but for me it’s a nice change. Plus a lady with a skirt provides more chewing material than a man with slim pants.

Very happy plush Santa Claus

Very Happy Plush Santa Claus

Santa must be so happy because he has a huge chocolate cookie in his arms. He is complete with a hat, fluffy beard, nose, ears, and a whole lot of cookie. This is more than enough chewing points for Oska, but I can bet that the hat pom-pom will go first.

Barktic Chill plush snow globe

Barktic Chill Plush Snow Glob

This one is round and smooth, so it’s always hard for Oska to start the quest of opening it up. It takes longer to destroy smooth toys like these and that’s why I like it. It gives more challenge and lasts longer, making me feel that I got more for my money.

Bark Super Chewer Puppermint Chew

Bark Super Chewer Puppermint Chew

This one is made for strong jaws and I think we know one set of such jaws. The toy looks like candy and squeaks if squeezed hard. I can barely squeeze it like that, but Oska has no problem. It’s round and it fits perfectly in her mouth, so it’s definitely a hit and a love at first sight for her. The chew came home with us and there is some hope that it’ll last until Christmas, albeit a bit chewed up and hairy, but still.

I am always happy that Bark toys can be found at a physical store close to home. Oska loves them and I enjoy knowing that I can replenish her toy basket any time I see it getting low. It’s either that or our dining table legs and I prefer the former.