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Christmas BarkBox Join the Reindeer Games

Christmas BarkBox Join the Reindeer Games

Oska is in love with BarkBox. She enjoys everything and anything that comes in that box for her. She doesn’t mind Chewy one bit either, but I think BarkBox takes the cake. I have to agree with her too, because each box from BarkBox has an elaborate theme, all the toys are of exceptional quality made in the house, and the treats are nothing short of spectacular. But the best thing for both us must be the fact that there are no useless bandanas, like, ever!

Christmas BarkBox

With BarkBox dogs can choose toys based on their weight and might. We, having a mighty young German shepherd girl, go for a Super chewer box, but not always. Super chewer toys are often made from sturdy silicone and last a lot longer. But sometimes we don’t want the half way chewed up and drooly toys all around the house, so then we go for a regular box. This latest BarkBox masterpiece is just that – a regular box. It’s easy to switch between boxes, so you will never be tied up to just one kind for any amount of time. Super Chewer is just a tad bit more expensive, but the difference is only a few dollars.

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BarkBox Join the Reindeer Games

BarkBox is a monthly subscription and as such brings joy pretty often. The membership can be cancelled or paused at any time, so no obligation to continue if you’re noticing toys piling up. We go through periods of monthly deliveries and then some breaks when Oska can’t kill her toys in efficient and timely manner.

Let’s take a look at this latest Christmas mood inducing box:

First I have to say that I love how the box’s inserts are always festive and beautiful. Some boxes I have gotten can really be used for puppet theater performances. It’s all in the details and BarkBox knows it. Oska clearly doesn’t care, but her hoomans do.

Plush Rudolph with very shiny nose

Plush Rudolph with Very Shiny Nose

I know that dogs don’t see colors the same way do, but she must be able to see this nose! And she actually truly might, because she went right for that, or maybe it’s the material.  The toy itself won’t last long, but it’s super cute while it does.

Yeti with the toothy grin

Yeti with the Toothy Grin

I get it that there is no other appropriate color for a yeti, but this white will be off white very soon. I used to feel kinda sad for those toys and rescue them once in a while, but I learned to let go, especially when my little boy is growing up and doesn’t show that much interest in cute plush toys. This is why I’m happy Oska refuses to grow up and is staying her playful self – we still need that in our house.

Bark Eats Clarice’s Cookies Cheese Recipe with Chickpeas

Bark Eats Clarice’s Cookies

BarkBox started making their own foods too, in addition to toys, so everything that comes in the BarkBox is unique and can’t be found in regular stores, except special deals with Lowe’s and sometimes other stores. The treats are soft and have real cheese as the main ingredient – I can approve of that!

Pet Gourmet Chew Stick Pumpkin & Honey recipe

Pet Gourmet Chew Stick Pumpkin & Honey Recipe

This sounds like a dessert and rightfully so. It’s large and contains no grains and that’s something I always look for. I don’t see any reason to give grains to any dog and especially our own fur baby. The chew is not hard and was gone in just under two minutes, but it’s big enough to count as a part of her dinner.

Bark Eats Bumble Bars lamb Recipe

Bark Eats Bumble Bars lamb Recipe

The bag features the same smiley white yeti, so there is no deviation from the winter theme. Lamb is probably Oska’s favorite flavor, so she tries to get to this bag as often as possible. We have to keep her at bay or she will get so spoiled that she won’t eat her normal food and nobody wants that.

$30 coupon

BarkBox $30 coupon

Finally, there is an invitation for another dog to join BarkBox with the first box free. If one of our friends were to sign up for that with 6 or 12 month subscription, we would get $30 credit for us. Christmas is a season for giving, so we might gift this deal to our neighbor who just got a new puppy.