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BarkBox Lick or Treat

BarkBox Lick or Treat Promo

October is always for boos and scares and this year is no different. Sure, trick-or-treating might be a bit unusual with all the social distancing, but that’s not something our furry friends concern themselves with. They are always ready for fun and BarkBox understand this.

This month BarkBox has it easy – the theme is not hard to come up with since Halloween is right around the corner. Good eating, licking, and toy treating seems to be very much due. BarkBox always includes two toys, two treat bags, and some kind of chew. All the goodies always follow a theme and are BarkBox exclusive.

Barkbox Lick or Treat Box

Oska can smell this box as soon as it enters our subdivision on the UPS truck, I swear. She knows she is getting something good and goes for it, there is no stopping her. Brown box means that she is getting spoiled without any effort from me. Sure, I pay $25 per month for my 6-month subscription, but there are 0 complains from this girl. If I had to go to pet stores looking for cute toys and all natural treats like BarkBox brings, I would spend a lot more than that plus my time. BarkBox costs $29 on a monthly basis and $22/month with yearly subscription. Next year we might just go straight to 12-month deal as it makes the most sense.

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BarkBox Fall Coupons

One small problem with BarkBox toys is that Oska likes to rip them apart pretty fast, but that’s what they are for I guess. Keeping that in mind, I don’t leave her alone with plush toys for too long, because then she pulls the white fluff out and eats some of it. Other than that, we love everything about our BarkBoxes.

This Halloween month BarkBox is making sure pups are nicely spooked and have tons of fun with candy corn and zombies. Let’s take a look at what we received in our Lick or Treat box:

Skull rope toy

BarkBox Skull Rope Toy

This toy looks like it came directly from Mexico Day of the Dead celebration. It looks more happy than creepy and it has ropes for its arms and legs, which is a dream come true for Oska. Any toy with ropes goes and it doesn’t even have to be this cute. I predict at least 2 days of fun!

Vampy corn plush toy

BarkBox Vampy Corn Plush Toy

This one is cute and scary at the same time. It smiles and you can see two corn teeth poking out. Other than that it’s enticingly soft and looks like it might have lots of white fluff inside, so also two days of life span if it’s that lucky.

Lick or Treat Haunted Ham treats

BarkBox Lick or Treat Haunted Ham treats

The pork recipe is more tasty than haunted for sure. The treats smell good from a distance and are made exclusively for Bark from all natural ingredients. Can’t get much better than that Halloween or not!

Count Quackula

Lick or Treat Haunted Ham treats

This jerky treat is simple, but loaded rich for taste buds of your haunted hound. The main ingredient is duck and that’s why it’s so delicious and so good for your dog. It’s almost like having trick-or-treat goodies but for canines.

Pork Stick

BarkBox Pork Stick

Last but not least it’s a pork stick. This delicacy is most beloved, chewy, soft, rich, and full of flavor. It will be gone in a few bites if I give it all, but I usually break it in a few pieces to prolong the pleasure of scrumptious pork.