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Chewy Halloween Food Delivery

Chewy Halloween Food Delivery 2021

Halloween being right around the corner everybody in our house is in high spirits. Last minute costume decisions are being made and party plans are getting finalized. Even our dog is involved – he’s secured his costume a long time ago and will be a pirate.

When it comes to our dog, Chewy has always provided everything we ever needed for him from day one, down to a spectacular Halloween costume each year. I long forgot what it means to drive to a pet store and wonder around trying to decide what’s necessary and good. Chewy has thousands of items for all sorts of pets and helpful reviews for everything, so shopping is easy.

Chewy Halloween Food 2021

Chewy is widely known for superb customer service and while I never had any serious issues, I had to call a few times. The last time I had to call them was for my latest order.

Marlo has been on the same Purina food since his puppy days. His breeder fed him this food and I never changed it. I have been getting it through Amazon auto delivery – the only thing I was getting not from Chewy. While Amazon is pretty reliable, the food was late at least twice. Finally, after the breeder suggested switching to a lower calorie food, I knew it was time to do some shopping at Chewy. So I ordered the new food on Chewy and also included a couple of Halloween snacks.

Chewy Food Delivery 2021

All Chewy orders ship free with $49 and this time my 33lb food bag definitely qualified for that. Shipping always takes 1-2 days, so after I didn’t get the food delivered after 4 days, I started getting unhappy. And that is because I timed the delivery so that in the morning of the 4th day I had absolutely no food for him. This is when I called Chewy to see what’s happening with the order.

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A friendly representative answered after 3 rings and was a total pleasure to work with. It’s Chewy’s policy – you will always get a live person to answer in a few seconds and it will be a US based highly trained knowledgeable employee. She was very apologetic about a late order and offered $10 credit for me to get some food for Marlo locally. She said that shipping is backed up everywhere these days and I believe her. $10 was very nice, of course, and got used that same evening at my grocery store on a small bag of dry food. The next day Chewy order arrived and I remained a happy customer.

Marlo knew that some goodies are coming his way in a tan/blue box and was ready for a sniff test. He was very happy to change his main food not only because of new taste, but because he is allowed to eat more of it while receiving the same amount of calories. His new food is also Purina, but for adult dogs versus active youngsters. Marlo is not inactive, we walk two miles at least a few times per week, but he was still getting a little heavy for his breed, so it was time to take it down a notch.

Salmon Flavored Purina Food from Chewy

The new food is salmon flavored, which is very appropriate for a Portuguese water dog. It also has live probiotics and so far tastes so good that I don’t need to enhance his food with something tasty from our table. If we’ll stick to this food, he’ll eventually get tired of it, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

Since Marlo is happy with his new food, I will order it via autoship next time. It will help me save a few dollars, but most importantly, it will be on a schedule, so I won’t ever run out of his main food.

Blue Buffalo Boo Bits

To make this food delivery even more fun for Marlo, I included some boolicious Halloween themed snacks. One bag is by Blue Buffalo, called Boo Bits. The chicken flavored treats are soft and moist. They smell very good from afar and entice some serious drooling.

Another bag is Grandma Lucy’s Organic Caramel Apple Recipe. They are larger and can be broken in half, which I like to do for training. And of course, apple anything sounds fantastic at this time of the year. Marlo seems to agree with that.

Grandma Lucy’s Organic Caramel Apple Recipe

There is still some time for one more Halloween order and we might just do that, especially when I see that a new bag of dry food will be needed sooner than I expected. And as always, I have full confidence that Chewy will do nothing but the best job delivering it.

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