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Chewy.com Halloween Toys for Dogs

Chewy Halloween Toys for Dogs

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We start getting ready for it long in advance – pretty much as soon as previous Halloween is over. There is a lot to think about – next year’s costumes, trick-or-treat locations, who’s going to host a party, and what will our dog wear and enjoy playing with.

This last part is the most fun, because we all have to admit – no matter how elaborate our costumes get, we’ll never look as cute and funny as our pets do in the simplest of outfits. We have two young kids, so for them Halloween is as big as Christmas. Sure, there are no gifts, but think of all the candy! And of all the cutest toys our Oska gets to enjoy.

Chewy.com Halloween Toys

In my opinion, pet toy makers get all out for Halloween, even more out than for kids’ toys if you asked me. You can find a huge variety of dog toys in just about every store, even those that are not specializing in pet supplies, like Target and Home Goods.

While everybody has something to offer, nobody has as many toys and accessories for Halloween for dogs as Chewy.com. This online pet retailer has my loyalty for a long time now, but even after countless online shopping hours spent there, Chewy still manages to surprise me every time, especially before Halloween.

I think my kids love dog toys more than the dog itself, but I can see their point. Some Frisco creations are simply irresistible, so much so that my daughter sometimes rescues toys before the dog ever gets to touch them.

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Halloween at Chewy.com is a total celebration, especially with a promo code like 20% off pharmacy purchases. While toys are not pharmacy items, I like to get Oska’s flea meds together with a toy order to save on shipping. Chewy.com offers free shipping on $49+ orders.

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 So given all this and even if Halloween is still a few weeks away, we decided to start spoiling Oska with spookylicious Halloween toys. It takes him a few days to fully destroy a plush toy, so between now and the scariest holiday of the year, we might have to make a few such orders, but it’s all in a name of fun for the entire family, so I don’t mind it at all.

This time I got 3 amazing toys from Chewy and it took just 2 days to get those wonders delivered. Here they are:

May the Boo Be with You Plush Baby Yoda Dog Toy inside a Plush Pumpkin

Baby Yoda Dog Toy

This is a combination of two toys and as far as our dog is concerned, the more – the merrier.  Kids, of course, love the little baby Yoda. I am taking a liking to the plush pumpkin. Oska loves both about equally, except maybe Yoda’s ears – they will be loved first. The toys are so cute that they can definitely be used for Halloween décor before they go to dogs.

Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Pumpkin dog toy

Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Pumpkin Dog Toy

Plush Mickey pumpkin has a smiley face and two pumpkins that serve as its ears. It also has green stems and a patch of leaves on the top of its head. It’s as if the makers knew how to push all of the dog’s buttons!

Plush Mickey Pumpkin

The destruction will start at the green ear twigs, then the leafy hair, and then the rest of its orange body. This toy can also be a beautiful Halloween decoration.

Frisco Halloween Haunted Shack Hide and Seek Plush Squeaky Toy

Chewy Frisco Halloween Toy

This type of toy is our absolute favorite. We have bought many hide and seek toys like this for Oska. It’s fun not just for the dog, but kids too, because they get to stuff little toys back to where they came from and then Oska can pull them all out one by one over and over again.

Chewy Frisco Halloween Plush Toy

After a while little toys get lost and chewed up, and then it’s the house’s turn to get destroyed. For a price of one, you get at least 3-4 toys, and sometimes even more, so it makes sense financially too.

Chewy always has quite a few toys like this from Frisco. This Haunted house comes with a spider and a mummy, and loads of fun for all my littles involved whether they have four feet or two. Happy Halloween and thanks again, Chewy!