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Spooky Tails Chewy Goody Box for Dogs

Spooky Tails Chewy Goody Box for Dogs

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. We have a traditional huge party at a friends’ house, where about 20 of us with the same number of kids go all out. Some people start coming up with ideas a year in advance. Others, like us, scramble a week before the festivities. Regardless of how we prepare, everybody looks so crazy good that we remember those Halloween parties all year long afterwards!

Spooky Tails Chewy Goody Box for Dogs 2021

This time I am going all out for my dog too. The costume from Chewy has already arrived, but I am saving it for a bit later. It includes a small decorative UPS box, so I fear for its survival if Oska will see her costume too early. What I am not restricting though is Halloween themed toys and treats, which came in Spooky Tails Goody Box just a few days ago.

Spooky Tails for Dogs

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I believe that it can never be too much Halloween spirit, so we opened the box at the beginning of September.

Spooky Tails Box for Dogs

Nothing will be left of it before Halloween rolls in of course, but we’ll think of something. There can always be another box if we get to that.

Chewy Halloween box

Needless to say, Chewy Halloween box didn’t disappoint – Frisco Halloween toys are beyond awesome. Oska felt so too and remained brave in the face of spooky ice cream cone and skulls on the plush pumpkin creation. But let’s start from the beginning and take a look at all that was included in the Spooky Tails box:

Halloween Eyeball Ice Cream Plush Squeaky Toy

Halloween Eyeball Ice Cream Plush Squeaky Toy

This toy is really 4-in-1 and it makes for 4 times more fun. The eyeballs are attached to the waffle cone, but can be cut off and used as little balls. One whole toy would get destroyed 4 times faster than 4 separate ones, especially rolling balls, which will be lost for sure. With some luck we will be finding some of them long after Christmas.

Halloween Boo Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Halloween Boo Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

This toy is just one, but long, so when one side dies, another might live a little longer. No Halloween would be complete without a BOO toy, so it’s a must. I always marvel at the detail of those Chewy Frisco toys – all of them are so cute and true works-of-art even though creators know fully well that some of them will last mere hours or minutes before getting ripped up. I always feel a bit sad for those toys and so does my son, who once in a while rescues the cutest plush ones.

American Journey Snacking Sticks Grain-Free Chicken Recipe

Those soft and chewy treats are surely drool-inducing to the point where I have to either mop the floor after eating them or give them to Oska outside. So we give her treats outside. She knows that and runs outside as soon as she sees the bag in somebody’shands.

American Journey Soft Baked Grain-Free Turkey Recipe Treats

American Journey Turkey Recipe Treats

Thanksgiving is coming soon, so turkey recipes are all the rage these days. Oska loves all meats and fish just the same; she drools over all American Journey treats, so they are always a hit. She has never met a Goody Box treat that she didn’t love or didn’t give her paw for.

Pumpkin bandana

Yes, last but not least there is a pumpkin bandana. Oska won’t agree, but I have to admit that there is something magical about a dark haired German shepherd dressed as a bright orange pumpkin! If nothing else, we’ll at least take a few pictures of her being a pumpkin.