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Best Personalized Christmas Stockings

Best Personalized Christmas Stockings

For many years, as far as I can remember, I loved getting new Christmas stockings. At first I cared about big, fluffy, and funny. Then I slowly realized the value of custom made things, including Christmas stockings. You can’t even compare a regular main stream stocking with something that contains your name. The personalized ones carry emotional value and remain relevant for years. That’s why I have been collecting custom stockings for me and all my family members, not excluding our dog and grandparents.

After collecting stockings for many years, I developed some very firm opinions about what’s good and what’s not so good. I know what works and what doesn’t and I can tell when the holiday stocking is worth the price and when it’s a complete rip off. I used to think that the bigger and the fluffier the stocking, the better, but there are many more variables than just that.

I tried buying Christmas stockings from countless stores in person and online. I got stockings personalized whenever possible and those were widely different experiences depending on the retailer. I can write a book about what’s important when shopping for the perfect Christmas stocking. OK, maybe not a book, but a sizable essay for sure.

In my perfect world, I first choose color scheme for the entire house décor each year and then descend on stores for everything, including Christmas stockings. I have a couple of storage boxes with Christmas stockings of the years past, but I like to find contemporary designs and themes each year. Those boxes hold a lot of fond memories for me and I plan to keep filling them up.

This year I visited a few stores as well and picked my absolute favorites, and it’s more than just 3. Only those stores that could do personalization made the cut in my book, so I won’t even mention the ones with generic stockings. And yes, the stockings I love this year are mostly not pink.

Here is how they rank in my book:

  1. Pottery Barn Kids Stocking

Pottery Barn Kids Stocking

There is no surprise there – when I’m in need of something high quality, Pottery Barn always has me covered. My favorite stocking of all this year is sky blue, thick, and features a pink ballerina on it. See, there is something pink after all!

Pottery Barn Kids Christmas Stocking

The dancer is covered in a few layers of tulle and would be loved by every girl out there, ballerina or not. The stocking comes personalized with a name and of very high quality soft material. It’s even embroidered along the edges and along the seams. This one will be loved for years.

  1. Lillian Vernon Embroidered stocking

Lillian Vernon Embroidered Stocking

This is my number two and for more reasons than one. It’s very high quality inside and out, like the one from Pottery Barn. The stocking is double layered and features embroidery not only in the name, but on the entire front. This is probably the most luxurious stocking I have ever seen or held.

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  1. Personalization Mall with Envelop

Personalization Mall with Envelop

I dedicated this stocking to my husband because it’s the least frilly of all and fit for a no nonsense man. It comes with an attached 3D envelop for Santa’s letters, but the design is subdued and understated, exactly how my husband likes it. It’s made of two different colors and is stitched together. Personalization at Personalization Mall takes 1-2 days and the name is printed on top. There is still time to go for it!

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  1. Chewy Christmas stocking with a dog

Chewy Christmas Stocking with a Dog

This is my number 4, but it takes 1st place for pet stocking. It’s personalized, red and white, not flimsy, and features a dog with scarf and floppy ears. The stocking is roomy enough for many treats and sturdy to last for many years, unless Oska gets her teeth on it, then it would be bye-bye.

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  1. Personalization Mall Knitted stocking

Personalization Mall Knitted Stocking

This one I love for its colors and creativity. It reminds me of something my grandmother would’ve made and gives all the cozy Christmas feels. I dedicated it to my older son and he loves it too, which is not easily achieved with an 18 year old, so kudos to Personalization Mall for catering to all age groups.

  1. Personalization Mall with dinosaur

Personalization Mall Stocking with Dinosaur

As you can see, I have found most of my custom stockings at Personalization Mall, which is no surprise for those who know my loyalty to that store. They have definitely deserved it through the years of high quality products, fast shipping, and great deals that I have enjoyed countless times.

This stocking features a cool dinosaur and is made of two different types of fabric. My older son likes it and that’s all the approval I need.

I can say with confidence that we have this year’s Christmas stockings covered and then some! We are definitely ready for Santa, come December 25.