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Personalized Ornaments 2021

My Family Personalized Ornaments

While I am not the first one to run and get a Christmas tree before I even buy a Thanksgiving turkey, the time is ripe for it now that all the thanks have been given. Getting a live tree is our tradition and a super important one, but what matters most to me are the ornaments that go on that tree.

I love planning my color theme way before Christmas decoration time. I always try to make sure all components tie together – inside and outside, from lights to wreaths to the ornaments. I don’t buy new decorations every year and always reuse what we have, but I am guilty for adding at least a few new customized ornaments each year. I feel like these will be my treasured keepsakes after the boys grow up and leave, so every year I order something cute and meaningful from customization stores.

Personalization Mall Christmas Ornaments Deals

While I shop all over the place and find some beautiful things, nothing beats Personalization Mall for me. I love that shop in summer and can’t live without it in winter. They always get my orders right, ship fast, deliver in time, never break anything, offer various discounts, and have a ton of products to choose from, always.

Personalization Mall Ornaments Deals

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Personalized Ornaments 2021

Before I order from Personalization Mall, I like to visit some local stores that can do some type of personalization, even if it’s as basic as an inserted picture of your kids. This year I also visited couple of such stores, but without much luck finding something that I would like to hang on our red and green colored Christmas tree this year.

Baby’s Birth Personalized Ornaments

An ornament store I visited has a lot of traditional ornaments for all sorts of life events, like baby’s birth, and hobbies, including basketball, BBQ-ing, fashion, beauty, drink glasses, music, swimming, traveling, and many others.

Ornaments for Swimmers

What I didn’t like about these ornaments is how cheap they looked. There is virtually no customization. Sure, you can find some theme that applies to you, but that’s about it. I saw some people requesting a name on an ornament, which was done right then and there with a permanent ink marker. This was clearly not for me or my loved ones.

Personalized Ornaments for Dog Lowers

Personalization Mall is busy this time of the year, but it’s still not too late to order custom ornaments designed with you in mind. Here you can pick the number of people you want in an ornament and find many themes to choose from. The quality of each creation is a lot higher than from a pop-up ornament store and the names will be engraved or burned in rather than drawn with a marker, creating a totally different effect.

Ornaments for Teachers

Personalization Mall is the place for my family ornaments and for teachers or friends on my list. I have bought a few already and have plans to look for more.

Little Mommy Elf

I bought a little Mommy elf for myself and love it – it features brown hair like mine and red and green attire, which will go perfect with our tree this year.

Personalized Ornament for Teacher

My son’s teacher Master Lee will get an ornament from that other store with his name on it in a marker, but I am almost sorry I decided to go that route. Since it’s not too late, I might get him something extra from Personalization Mall too.

My Family Ornaments

Our family and Oska, our German shepherd, collectively is getting two big ornaments. One is where we all are white bears and another featuring brown dogs. The white polar bears hold a snowflake with each of our names on them and all are wearing red or green hats. The ornament is white and super cute. The brown dogs are all hanging on a 2021 log and wear red Santa hats with names on each. It’s really hard to describe, but when I compared the ornaments apples to apples with the cheaper ones from the physical store, the difference in quality is undeniable.

PersonalizationMall Christmas 2021 Ornaments

Given my experience with both this year, I’ll remain a faithful customer of Personalization Mall for many Christmases to come. My own family and all our friends will be getting cute ornaments this year and the next – I figured it’s a lot better than sending Christmas cards.