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With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas next, shopping and decorating might be under way in many households, and if it’s not, then it should be. It always looks like we have a bunch of time and then suddenly it’s December 22nd and Amazon can’t promise to deliver our last minute goodies in time.

Dinosaur Personalized Burgundy Christmas Stocking

I am not here to talk about Amazon or those last minute goodies that get picked out online and shipped to friends and family without much thought in them. I am here to talk about gifts that require some time to think about and plan in advance, but they are that much more meaningful, long lasting, and showing that we really included some thought and love picking them.

Personalization Mall Gifts

The items I’ll discuss here don’t even have to be gifts for others; they would do wonders for our own home and on our own Christmas tree. After all it’s a season of love and giving, so why not give something to ourselves?

Personalized Santa Christmas Hat

I am leading towards Personalization Mall here and would like to marvel at all kinds of things you can get from them customized and ready to be cherished for years to come. Putting a picture on an ornament will make it a keepsake, and there are so many different things you can put that picture on.

This is what I am getting for us and for our family this year, and by family I mean the grandmas because there will be their grandkids and their grand dog on all of them:

Woof & Meow Personalized Pet Photo Burgundy Christmas Stocking – $19.99

Oska Christmas Stocking

Every barking or meowing family member deserves equal treatment and needs a stocking with not only a name, but a picture too on it. You can choose from 3 colors and 2 design options, but I went with burgundy red and woof written on it, in addition to Oska’s name. And don’t get me started about how good a tan German Shephard looks on this deep burgundy stocking!

Personalization Mall Stockings for Pets

Picture Perfect Personalized Photo Glossy Ornament, 85” – $11.99

Picture Perfect Personalized Photo Glossy Ornament

The beautiful porcelain ornaments of my 2 kids will have to take a center stage on our Christmas tree this year. The picture is printed on the front of this flat ornament and on the back. The ornaments come in separate draw string bags for protection and safe keeping, which I love, because I see myself hanging these on the tree every year. If grandma is good in 2020, she might receive them too.

Picture Perfect Personalized Apron – $19.99

Personalized Photo Apron

All cooks everywhere listen up – this beauty is just $20, but all the feels upon receiving such a gift will be priceless. I know my mom will be thrilled to get this for Christmas this year. She already loves cooking, but I suspect she won’t be leaving that stove for a second come next year. My older son is also into cooking, so guess who else is getting this?

Photo Memories Personalized 18” Throw Pillow – $26.99

If you don’t have enough cute pillows in your home (and who does?), this one is a must have. The colors on it look very sharp and the entire family brightens up any room, be it ours or a friend’s. I ordered one of the pillows for us with a picture of all four of us and Oska. Another one is going to my best friend because I just happened to have a very cute picture of her and her daughter on my camera.


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Personalized Photo Playing Cards – $9.97 for 25-49

Personalized Photo Plaing Cards Discount

We love our family game nights and it’s usually cards that we play with, so I know this gift will be well received and loved for a long time. There are 4 colors to choose from, 3 font styles, and a place for our family vacation photo. Cold winter nights here we come!

Cute Couple Personalized Photo Rubik’s Cube – $19.99

I will give this one to my husband and let him exercise his brain while looking at us cute together. I am also considering one for each of my boys, because you can also create a cube with just one person’s picture. They also have pet Rubik’s Cubes. Each one contains pictures on 4 sides and 2 sides of solid color.

Picture Perfect Personalized Bar Photo Coaster – $3.89 each when ordering 9-12

Personalized Photo Bar Coaster Set

We never have enough coasters for all the parties and friends’ get-togethers at our house, so now I will solve this problem once and for all by giving myself a bunch of those cute coasters. They are sold individually, so I will be able to have a different picture on each or create sets of four to be given as perfect gifts.

Picture Perfect Personalized Triple Pour Candle Jar – $29.99

I can already smell that pine scented candle burning on the dining table this Christmas while we gather around for a feast and enjoy our bright picture on the candle jar. This is also a great idea for every grandmother and teacher on your list.

Pet Personalized Porcelain Ornament House – $11.99

Pet Personalized Porcelain Ornament House from PersonalizationMall

This is similar to round porcelain ornaments, except it is made for pets and calls for cute picture on one side and a Ginger Bread style house on another. There is a bone shaped window on the door and your pet’s name above it. This will go perfectly with my kids’ ornaments and will create a heart-warming trio on the tree.

Personalization Mall Photo Gifts

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