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Personalized Christmas Stockings from Personalization Mall

Personalized Christmas Stockings from Personalization Mall

I frequent Personalization Mall year round, but my visits there grow exponentially in November and December. I start browsing the store for gift ideas long before Christmas. I like to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in addition to sales that take place at Personalization Mall all the time. By Black Friday I usually have a pretty good idea about my Christmas shopping list and methodically fulfill it.

Not all my friends and family get gifts from Personalization Mall, but the most important people and furry babies do. I have decided long ago that personalized gifts are much more appreciated and loved than mainstream cookie cutters and now take my time picking something customized for all the important people in my life.

I have visited and tried many customization stores, but have never found anything better than Personalization Mall. They always has the best selection of items, plenty of deals, fast turnaround time, and consistent quality not only of products, but of customer service and delivery too. Nothing ever came broken and I have never found any mistakes on anything I ordered.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

This year I started my personalized Christmas gift shopping with Christmas stockings. Personalization Mall has plenty to choose from. They come in all kinds of sizes, material, and methods of personalization. My entire family and many of my friends will get cute sock this year and I am pretty sure they all will be very happy, because you can never have too many sock with your name on them.

The ones I liked the most this time are socks made of linen like material and beige in color. That’s the body of the stocking. Above the body there is a black and white layer and then velvet green or red top. Each such sock features a capital first name letter and the entire name under it. They look classy, something you would want to give to your mom, aunt, or sister.

Personalized Stocking for Oska

Velvet red and white sock is going for our fur baby Oska, albeit she is our 95 pound baby, so the sock is hefty too and will hold some serious treats easily.

Master Lee Personalized Stocking

My older son loves his Taekwondo Master Lee, so we put a lot of thought into his gift. He is getting a white stocking with a wreath and his name on it. I like its pure white color and nice size for small gifts. My son picked this one himself and we are very confident that Master Lee will love it. I know I would!

Personalized Stocking for Krista

My friend Krista mentioned that she is the only one in her family who doesn’t have a personalized stocking and I immediately went into action to fix that. She is now going to have brown and green stocking with a black bear holding a snowflake. Krista has green eyes and her favorite color is green, so green stocking it is.

Mitchy Beats Personalized Stocking

My little mischievous Mitchy has a few personalized stockings from before, but 2021 called for a new one. We have been calling him Mitchy Beats lately and this new nickname had to be immortalized in the stocking, so he got a red and white creation with a happy looking ginger bread man on it.

I test drove all the stocking at our beloved Fashion Island mall, which is going natural and environmentally friendly route this year. The mall scrapped its fake Christmas tree and got a natural one from Mount Shasta. The tree has been removed from a designated timber area and this way it did not make any impact on a healthy forest. The tree will be recycled after the holidays. This effort makes me feel very good and wish that more places would follow Fashion Island’s lead.

Personalization Mall currently offers a very nice promotion – all customers get a free ornament of up to $17.99 value and 20% off their order. If such deal won’t make you buy thoughtful personalized gifts, I don’t know what would!

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And it’s still not too late to order for your loved ones, but don’t procrastinate for too long.