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22 Surprising Places to Buy Personalized Gifts

Once in a while we all need a sheet of stickers with our face on or a pillow with our dog’s image. When those times strike, there are many little known places where to get that from:

1. Personalization Mall

Personalization Mall Christmas Catalog

This online retailer is our top choice for gifts that are not just special, they are simply unforgettable. The store carries a huge array of products that are readily available for gift gifting and also a wide section of items that can be used for personalized messages, pictures, engraving, and more.

Personalization Mall

You can find gifts here that will make any family member and the pickiest of friends happy.

Personalization Mall Gift

Only you know what each gift receiver treasures and considers valuable and only Personalization Mall can help you with finding that perfect gift and taking it a step further with customized messages and personal touches.

2. Beast Quality

The company makes rubber stamps that cost $6-$55; it takes about a week to make, and features images, words, initials, and names.

3. Anymatic

You can get custom towels, yoga mats, t-shirts, bathing suits, and board shorts for $50-$129. It takes 10 days to make the order and it ships all over the world.

4. My sticker Face

The company makes cutout stickers with your face or your pet’s face, or the face of anybody you want. They cost $9-15 per sheet and some of them might have a minimum amount required. It takes about a week to get them.

5. Picture This!

If you have a guitar and want a custom picture of it with a personalized message, go with this company. You can choose the font and the color. Expect to pay $20-43 and receive it in 2-3 days.

6. Cherishables

Cherishables Christmas Decorations

They can personalize just about anything – phone cases, cards, calendars, mugs, key chains, mouse pads, picture frames, Christmas decorations, and much more. Phone cases start at $35, calendars at $20, and cards at $3. The order is made in 2-5 business days.

7. Madewell

Madewell sells denim and personalizes it for you. You can choose a model, order it, and choose a monogram that is made in chain-stitch style and cursive font with your chosen color. It costs $10 to personalize the item on top of its price and it takes two weeks to get it.

8. Vivian Topper Studio

This is really fun – you can come up with a bobble head of yourself or create an Adams Family style your personal cake topper. The lowest price is $70 and it goes up from there. The figurines are made in 7-15 days and ship all over the world.

9. Sophia Victory Joy

You can now personalize your meals with these cooking stencils ad make it all about you for just $13-$28. You can get them anywhere in the world in over a week.

10. Land’s End

Your child will never have his or her backpack mixed up with another thanks to custom embroidery and monograms. You can choose backpacks, lunch boxes, and many other items from the site. You can then get them heat stamped, engraved, embroidered, or monogrammed. The prices start at $6 and go up depending on your specifications. The work takes extra 2-3 days on top of shipping.

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11. Jordan Grace Owens

You can now get paper dolls that look just like you. Dolls start at $15 and go up. You can also get custom portraits and illustrated goods. It doesn’t take long to create a doll itself, but there is a 5 month waiting list right now.

12. Zales

Zales can be your go to place for all customized jewelry needs. Necklaces, pendants, various gems can all feature your name or family member names. The company also offers custom designed and engraved jewelry pieces. The cheapest necklaces start at $20 and then the sky is the limit. It takes 4-6 weeks to make your order.

13. Shapeways

You can design your own 3D print products and sell the design to others on Shapeways Marketplace. You can also design stuff and get it printed for you. Finally, you can hire a Shapeway designer and get exactly what you like printed just for you. It can cost just a few dollars or go up to thousands.

14. Pottery Barn Kids

You can customize virtually everything for your baby at Pottery Barn, from toys to towels and bedding. It costs $9 to monogram a product that you choose from the website and ship worldwide.

15. Sarah Trumbauer

Paper cuts are in style now and you can get them customized now with intricate designs. This paper art can be made into cards, jewelry, prints, and much more. The price varies from $4 to $150 and more. It takes 1-3 days to make and ships worldwide.

16. Coconut Grass

The company makes custom drink coasters that can include a drink recipe too. It costs about $9 and ships all over the world.

17. M&M’s

Little tasty beauties can come in any color you want and with any message you select. The price is about $2 per bag and increases depending on your order.

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18. Trootoys

If you have a little artist at home, you can immortalize his or her drawings and create a stuffed toy based on the artwork. Dolls start at $89 and go up. They ship worldwide.

19. I See Me

Children like to insert themselves into stories and what better way to encourage their reading than by entering them directly into the book with their name and picture. Custom books cost $20-$40 and ship internationally.

20. Camelotia

If you can’t get enough of your pet, turn his image into a beautiful pillow. Custom creations start at $162 and take 3-5 days to produce.

21. Pink My NY

The company customizes various products with your favorite cartoon characters or sports teams – mugs, mouse pads, and cell phone cases. It costs about $15 and takes 1-3 days to complete.

22. Echo Neon Studio

The company makes custom neon signs for your home or business. The price starts at $113; it takes 7-10 days to make and ship to U.S. and Taiwan.