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20 Great Holiday Gifts with Personalization

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Who wouldn’t like to gift gifts that are unique, hand-made, special, and full of little meaningful fuzzies? In reality, though, most of us don’t have time and sometimes abilities for that. However, we still want the recipient to feel honored, to show that we care and that we did our research and spent time choosing a gift. After all, gift giving is not just a box, it’s the love, care, and appreciation that we try to communicate.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

We understand that in this fast-pacing world we are not going to take time to knit a scarf for everybody on our Christmas list, but here is the next best thing. Take a look at 20 gifts that can be unique, customized, pay homage to their hobbies, teams, pets, and still useful. Some of them won’t be very expensive either. Hopefully it helps you with some ideas as Christmas is approaching fast!

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Organize an inexpensive day trip for them

Journy can help you with that for just $25 per day. They are travel concierge that can offer ideas, book venues, hotels, and restaurants. If you know what your gift receiver likes, take him or her out and make their day.

Customized poster or map from Grafomap, $49

If you know a dream country of your loved one, you can design a custom map of it with Grafomap. It can also be their home town, college town, best vacation place, or a dream destination.

Canvas Print Pillow from CanvasPop

For just $30 you can give them a gift that can be very close to their heart, literally! A pillow with a picture of their pet would always remind them of their beloved one. You can also order a custom painting if pillows are not their thing.

Mini Gold Letter Charm Pendant from AUrate, $200

This do-good startup is not cheap, but the gift from them would be extra meaningful. The company guarantees quality, style, and ethical practices. They use luxury materials and employ sustainable production. They donated thousands of books to NYC schools together with Mastery Charter and plan on doing that in the future, so your money is spent socially responsibly.

Mini charm Pendants

Double Zip Toiletry Bag from Leatherology, $120

If you have a seasoned traveler on your list, this accessory is perfect – soft and safe for all the toiletries in separate compartments. The company offers all kinds of other leather goods with optional customization for $10.

Personalized Bags

Three-Month VNYL Gift Membership Subscription, $69

This membership sends vinyl albums to the giftee’s house based on his or her music taste. The curators study their music tastes via a quiz, their Spotify, Sound Sloud, and Instagram to understand what he or she likes and then pick something special. Make sure your friend has a record player before ordering this subscription.

Custom made Nike shoes, $95

Nike has been in the sports apparel business for a long time and knows a thing or two about shoe making. You can order custom shoes as a gift or buy a gift card so that your friend can make his own creation.

Custom Nike Shoes

Personalized Hobby Tumblers from Uncommon Goods, $32

Those cute tumblers feature a likeness of your loved one with their hobbies or interests. The tumblers are cute, funny, and will definitely be cherished.

Khimori Silk Cashmere Robe from Naadam, $175

This cashmere robe is made of high quality cashmere, not overpriced, and features a beautiful company story behind it. You can get it monogrammed for $10 extra and paired with a scented candle or any other self-care item for the ultimate indulgence.

Customized Xbox Controller from Xbox Design Lab, $69.99

You can pick between 19 color combinations and patterns for this ultimate controller that nobody else will have.

Three month coffee subscription from Driftaway, $39

This gourmet coffee subscription strives to get your coffee as perfect as it gets. You will start with a tasting kit with 4 coffees, which you will rate online or in app. Later the coffees will be curated based on this test and on future preferences.


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Indochino gift card for tailored suit, from $50

Custom made is custom made, so by giving this gift card you can bring that perfectly tailored suite a bit closer to your loved one.

Classic passport case from Cuyana, $95

This passport case is a bit longer than your traditional one and fits plane tickers if they like to have them printed. There are little pockets for business cards and credit cards, so they can forget the wallet when travelling as this accessory will keep everything in one place. This high-end case comes in a few colours and can be monogrammed for $10.

Custom quotes from Minted, $32

If you know something that inspires them or you think of something that you think could, you can get it printed and framed. It can be a song, a poem, a quote, or even something they said that you remember.

A genetic test from 23andMe ($69) or Ancestry DNA ($59)

If you know he or she haven’t done this yet and would like to, it would make a perfect gift. 23andMe is like a science experiment with information about your Neanderthal DNA percentage, while Ancestry DNA is perfect for budding historians who would like to connect with long lost relatives.

23andMe Saliva Collection Kit

Capricorn Necklace from Mejuri, $79

Zodiac sign necklace is an easy way to give something luxurious and personal. This Canadian startup company is so popular that there is a waiting list for their necklaces.

Personalized Necklaces

Boston Bruins Fanchest 3, $59

If you have a sports fan on your list, this chest with everything featuring their favourite sports team will be the best gift this year and will put you very high in their eyes and heart.

Six month gift subscription from Vinebox, $158

They will send your friend a box of curated and very expensive wine flights every 3 months based on their preferences and tastes. This is a great way to taste wine that could otherwise be unaffordable.

Winston Set from Harry’s, from $25 + $15 for engraving

This luxurious gift set is personalized and thus can take his grooming routine to a whole new level. The luxury starts with solid chrome finish, German-engineered blades, and rich shave gel.

Marble and Copper Monogram Boards from Williams-Sonoma, $40

Their initial is on top and they don’t even have to love cooking to enjoy this board. It is perfect for cheese and serving it with wine and fruit.