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Even though winter is ending, it’s never too late to buy a blanket, especially if it’s not just any blanket. We are talking about soft and cozy personalized blankets that can be life savers while camping, traveling, or just simply relaxing on your patio on a cool summer night.

Personal Creation Blanket Discount

Let’s admit – you can use a plush blanket any time of the year, unless maybe you are in New Orleans in August, but even there you can visit a friend who is blasting AC at home full speed and long for a plush blanket to keep you warm. Long story short, we all need blankets for ourselves and for our loved ones, and what better gift than a cozy blanket with their own, their child’s, or their dog’s name on it?

Personalized Blanket for Oska

I am a big fan of everything personalized and often get gifts and items for myself from Personalization Mall and Personal Creations. These two places have enough choices to make your head spin, feature similar prices, quality, and shipping time. Let’s take a look at some blankets there and compare offers and prices.

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If you type ‘blankets’ in Personalization Mall search, you will get 55 pages of results. It would take hours to look at all that, so I fine-tuned my search for just personalized fleece blanket. This search generated 28 pages, which is a little better. This illustrates the sheer amount of choice you have on the website for just about anything you are looking for.

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The fleece blankets can be personalized in every way possible – with pictures, with messages, names, and initials. Some blankets are funny, others luxurious, some feature holiday themes, while others yet bring serious sparkle to the house.

Personalization Mall Blanket Promotion

I love the fact that Personalization Mall features many sales, just by scrolling through all blanket offers it seems that about 80% of them are on sale, especially when I am doing the scrolling on President’s Day, which offers 40% off almost everything on the site. But even without any special sales, many products are discounted daily.

Personalized Blanket Coupon

To save more I am usually shopping right after major holidays or a couple of days before, when personalized orders can’t be shipped in time and start getting discounted. Other than that, Personalization Mall issues coupon codes via email signups or you can find them on coupon aggregation sites, so there are always ways to save.

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Personalization Mall Baby BlanketIn general, I noticed that most blankets cost anywhere from $27.99 to $34.99. You can also find some at $39.99 or even $49.99, but you can definitely pick something sweet for less, as long as you are not looking for much below $27.

At Personal Creations, ‘blanket’ search yields one page of results. You can further specify your search by blankets for baby, with name collage, sweet and cuddly, Disney character, and others. But since it’s only one page, I looked at them all, and there are some sweet choices.

Personal Creations Promotion Offer

Personal Creations offer 50% off automatic discount for President’s Day sale. This applies to most items. In addition to this lavish discount you can get 25% off with code HAPPY25 while it lasts. I used this code as a returning customer. I got my personalized blanket for my dog Oska from there and I absolutely love it. And so does she!

Personalized Blanket for Dog

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It matches our furniture, looks luxurious, and feels amazing. One side of this blanket is brown leather imitation while another is white faux shearling. I love lounging on this blanket and snuggling with my girl while watching our favorite shows.

Personal Creations Blanket Offer

The blankets at Personal Creations are quite a bit more expensive, but I think the quality matches the price. I saw only one type of blanket for $26.24 – honeycomb baby, pink and blue. Some blankets are for $34.99, but the thick fluffy ones I like are closer to $50.

Personal Creations often offers coupon codes, so savings are very likely and very possible. While the selection is not as huge as at Personalization Mall, some of the blankets are more interesting. For example, you can find blankets for kids that are like mermaid’s tails or Hot Wheels cars. I also love baby milestones blankets, but my kids are too old for that.

I always believe that quality is more important than quantity, but it might not be so for other people. This is why I love both websites and the various choices they both offer. I would have hard time choosing my favorite store out of those two, so when I need a gift or something for me and my loved ones, I always check out Personalization Mall and Personal Creations for plenty of savings at both.