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Rogers Gardens Inspired Christmas

Rogers Gardens Christmas 2021

All my friends and family know that if they want to do something special for me, they can take me to Rogers Gardens any time of the year, but especially around Christmas. There is something magical about this place in winter – it makes southern California feel like a winter wonderland even if it’s contained in and around just one nursery.

Rogers Gardens Christmas

Rogers Gardens start decorating for Christmas early and go all out. They have décor and plants that you won’t find anywhere else and I can fly into buying frenzy really easily there. This is why my husband and kids like to accompany me, for moral support and for talking me out of buying up the entire store.

Rogers Gardens Christmas Deals 2021

This year I’m feeling Christmas spirit extra early, even before Halloween and Thanksgiving have hit us. While I love those two holidays and have prepared for them too, nothing beats Christmas, especially when you have two kids and a dog, who all need special spoiling.

Rogers Gardens Dog Ornaments

Our early trip to Rogers Gardens inspired me to fill my home with special things this year.

Cat Christmas Ornaments

And by special I mean not boring China made stuff that holds no meaning.

Rogers Gardens Christmas Ornaments

The house will be decked out with a fragrant real Christmas tree and live plants. There will be decorations from Rogers Gardens and some very special items from Chewy and Personalization Mall.

Rogers Gardens Christmas Bone Ornament

The first one, Chewy, is where my dog gets spoiled without ever knowing it. Even though she recognizes the tan/blue box by now and usually starts drooling, she still doesn’t now the Chewy name. There are always toys, food, or treats in those boxes, so I would be drooling too.

Rogers Gardens Christmas Decor

The second, Personalization Mall, is where I can realize all my Rogers Gardens inspired shopping tendencies. I love this store because I can get pretty much anything and everything custom made and personalized. By now my family and friends kinda expect personal messages on everything I ever give them, all thanks to Personalization Mall.

Christmas Ornaments from Rogers Gardens

Chewy is pet heaven and besides all standard supplies, they can also make personalized items, such as collars, dishes, tags, and more. In preparation for this Christmas, I got a European themed wooden dog house Christmas ornament dedicated to German shepherds. I have got personalized ornaments before, so just a mention of German shepherd is enough this year. The little house is very cute and will fit in perfectly with our 2021 all natural décor.

Rogers Gardens Christmas Decorations

I am always very happy not only with Chewy prices, but also with their unmatched customer service. This ornament arrived in just 2 days with a flat $4.95 shipping fee. If my order is above $49, which it usually is, shipping is then free.

Christmas Personalized Socks

Another Christmas necessity is little personalized socks for stuffing or for hanging on a tree, as an ornament. I saw a cute red one with Santa Claus motives at Personalization Mall and had to have it for our Oska. Personalization Mall offers great quality and ideas, but they can’t compete with Chewy in terms of speed. I understand that personalization takes time, 1-2 days, but their shipping is also much slower. It took me over a week to get the ornament. This is why you should never wait until last minute when you want something special from Personalization Mall.

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Chewy Christmas  Deals 2021

Because of my loyalty to Chewy, I visit their site all the time. On one of my regular visits, I saw a very cute white stuffing sock with a red dog paw on it that could be personalized too. I simply had to have it. And when I have to have something, nobody can stop me. So I ordered this sock for Oska and received it in just 2 days! This shows that Personalization Mall has ways to improve. In their defense, the store offers a much wider variety of products, so the process must be slower. Chewy, as always, pleasantly surprised me with their precision and speed. And on top of that they sent me a gift card for $20 with ORIJEN item purchase and 30% off first Autoship order. Both are right up my alley as I buy ORIJEN dog food and have yet to order something on Autoship. This coupon will be used.

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Chewy Gift Card for Orijen Purchase

All in all, thanks to Rogers Gardens, Chewy, and Personalization Mall, our Christmas will be beautiful, colorful, and personalized.