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Personalization Mall or Put Me in the Story

Personalized Christmas Book Gift

Is it just me or everything around us seems to be getting more and more adaptable, custom, and personalized? I feel like if my kids won’t have at least some personalized supplies, they will feel left behind. On the other hand, I might be a minority with all this personalization, but I quite like it.

I have been buying most gifts from Personalization Mall lately for everybody on my list, starting, of course, with my kids. I feel that something with their name on it will go a much longer way and will be much more appreciated than something ordinary and mass produced from China. And based on my experience, there is nothing better for all those needs than Personalization Mall. Trust me, I tried a few companies that offer personalization services, and nothing beats the quality and the prices of Personalization Mall.

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I know it’s early, but Christmas have been on my mind. I look for some useful gifts everywhere I go these days. Last week I was out shopping at Target and a personalized book caught my attention. My little almost 6 year old guy is obsessed with books, so there are never enough of them in our house. This kind of gift would be perfect for him. While I got the idea from Target, I didn’t find a great execution there or many choices. There is only one kind of book with the most popular names. Sure, I found Michael on that Put Me in the Story Christmas book, but what do you do if you have Ivan or Eva, or even something even more unusual?

Put Me in the Story Christmas Books

In that regard all is good as long as I can visit Personalization Mall, because I know that they will always have plenty of choices. My interest was Christmas books, but if you were to type personalized books for kids at Personalization Mall, you would get 522 results. This is definitely enough to make everybody happy.

There are 61 results for Christmas related personalized books for kids on Personalization Mall and that beats Target’s Put Me in the Story. Ok, not all 61 results are books – you can also find personalized name stickers, book marks, coloring books with markers, games, and finally books with kids’ names on them and in them.

There are a few of those books at Personalization Mall. I was torn between Santa is Coming to My House and Merry Christmas coloring personalized book and crayons. OK, maybe not so torn. Michael has a ton of coloring books already and I don’t think he cares if the book like that has his name on it or not.

Santa is Coming to My House is a whole different level. It is hardcover, has beautiful illustrations, and a meaningful story. You can write your child’s name and a short message. The only complication is that it ships in 3-4 weeks, so the time is now to get it before Christmas stress-free way.

Personalized Christmas Book

I bought the Put Me in the Story book from Target and I’m pretty sure I will go for this one too. Normally, all personalized items ship in 1-2 days, but I guess printing a book is not that simple, even if it’s made in the USA.

Savings are easy with Personalization Mall because you can find discounts on many items there. Not books like this yet, but closer to Christmas it might be a different story. Even without a sale, I think these $34 dollars are the best spent money ever for a meaningful item that will be a keepsake from childhood.

The only advice and warning I have is to get personalized items ordered early this year, for more reasons than one. You wouldn’t want such a special item to arrive too late.