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Personalized Stuff for Pets

Personalized Stuff for Pets

I recently realized that while all my family humans have plenty of personalized stuff, our dog Marlo is lacking in that department. We have water bottles, book marks, pencil cases, towels, cutting boards, and aprons with our names, but Marlo has nothing. After the latest Personalization Mall apron order I decided to rectify our neglected dog’s situation.

Personalized Stuff for Pets from Chewy and Personalization Mall

No, he’s not neglected, I am very much kidding, but he really doesn’t have anything that bears his name. The first thing that comes to mind is something for his identification. Yes, he is chipped, but if he was to run away on a walk, it would take a while for someone to catch him and take him to a vet to check for the chip. However, if he had a collar with his name and my phone number on it, getting him back would be very fast. So I set out to get a collar.

The first place that comes to mind when dog collars are concerned is Chewy.com. This company is where I go to for all my dog needs. They always have plenty of deals, spectacular customer service, thousands of choices, and free shipping for $49+. I didn’t know they do personalization, but as it turns out they very much do.

Chewy Personalized collar

Personalized collar choices were not in the thousands, but I saw plenty. His leash and current collar are red, so I went for a red collar again, because it looks amazing on his black and white coat. I chose GoTags Personalized Nylon collar for $18.95 and decided to put his name and my phone number in white letters. Size L is a bit big for him, but I went with that because it can be easily adjusted. Since I didn’t need anything else at the time, I paid flat $4.95 for shipping. Personalization was free.

GoTags Personalized Nylon collar

It took Chewy 2 days to get the collar made and 3 more days for shipping – 5 business days in total. After I received it, I was very happy with quality and Marlo seemed to like it too. That is probably because he felt no difference between this and his old collar. He looks really good with it and I feel safer if he decides to run after a deer one of these days.

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Another item that I really needed was some kind of jar for Marlo’s cookies and treats. I order various subscription boxes for him and they always come with bags of treats, but I have no place to put them in. I also bake my own treats for him and those could also use a jar.

Personalized Jar from Personalization Mall

Personalization Mall is the only place that comes to mind for best personalized jar choices. I shop there for gifts and various items for us and have seen various jars for humans and their best friends. I also like this online store because of their assortment of items and prices that don’t bite. I can’t think of a time when I bought something from there that wasn’t on sale.

Personalized Jar for Marlo’s Cookies and Treats

The jar that I liked best wasn’t actually on sale, but it was just $19.99, so I treated it like it was discounted. Shipping was $9.49, but I found a coupon for 25% off and saved $4. My total price came to $27.45. The jar says ‘Ruff Day, I Need a Treat’ and is made of clear glass with air tight lid. It looks beautiful and feels solid. The jar took 2 days to make and 3 days to deliver and came together with the collar from Chewy. I always thought that Chewy is the fastest service, but I can now see that when it comes to personalization, Personalization Mall is right there too.

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I loved the quality for both products and the speed with which they both arrived. Marlo finally feels like he is a part of personalized family, gets treats from his personal jar, and prances around adorned with a collar that has his name. Life all good for our good boi thanks to Chewy and Personalization Mall!