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Halloween Goodies from Chewy

Halloween goodies from Chewy promo

Halloween is less than two months way, which means it’s here. And we take Halloween seriously in this house! It’s never too early to start with preparations, even if it’s COVID and nobody knows what kind of trick-or-treating is going to happen this year. One way or another, we are dressing up, and that includes our dog. Last year he was Chewy delivery man, but this time he is going as a spider. Even if we decide to stay around the house on October 31st, pictures for social media are a must.

Chewy halloween Spider Costume

Our human family members don’t know what they will be yet, but Marlo, the Portuguese water dog, is destined to be a cute spider with googly eyes and all 8 legs. We had lots of fun picking his costume and couldn’t wait to try it. Chewy.com has hundreds of costume choices for dogs of all sizes and just as many for cats. The prices are nice too, even though it’s nothing like after Halloween sales.

Chewy Spider Costume for Dogs

The spider costume was $15 and it is a lot of fluff and legs for $15.

Chewy Spider Costume

Marlo doesn’t usually enjoy getting something put on him, so he was not entirely happy with the spider on his back. The legs are hanging around his side, so he tried to reach them and chew. This is why we kept it on him for just a few minutes, but will work on it a few more times. And there is hope that he won’t destroy those legs before Halloween.

In addition to costume, I wanted to get him some toys and treats for complete Halloween vibes. I myself am all about pumpkins, so why shouldn’t the dog? Chewy offers free shipping on all orders of $49+, so I always order enough to fit into that. To save more money I like looking for bargains, which are displayed in Today’s Deals section and among regular priced merchandise pages.

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$50 this time fit a costume, 4 toys, and 2 bags of treats. I say it’s not bad at all! Everything was shipped the same day and we received the box in 2 days. There is a chance that this shipment won’t be Marlo’s only for Halloween. I love spoiling him and Halloween is one of the most fun occasions to do just that.

Pet Hedgehog Squeaky Ball

Most of the toys had to be Halloween themed too, of course, except for a green rubber Pet Hedgehog Squeaky Ball for $2.22, which was a total steal. I got it because it rolls great and is tough enough to last a few days. On the other hand, even if it gets killed in one day, I won’t be too sad for just $2.22.

Frisco Halloween Witches Plush Puzzle

Another toy is my favorite – $10.98 Frisco Halloween Witches Cauldron Hide and Seek Plush Puzzle.

Frisco Halloween Plush Puzzle

This is like getting 4 toys for a price of one! The toy includes a bat, a spider, and an eye ball that all hide inside a cauldron and can be pulled out. Marlo loves these toys and takes his time to pull the little toys out after one of us puts them inside.

Chewy Frisco Halloween Bone

We also got a rubber Frisco Halloween Sugar Skull TPR Squeaky Bone for $5.48. It’s medium size, feels tough, and fits in Marlo’s mouth perfectly for some delicious chewing. It’s also good for fetching – we tested.

Chewy Halloween Bone

The last toy is a set of 3 Frisco Halloween Candy Corn Plush Squeaky toys for $6.48.These candy corns are smaller than I anticipated, so I can see them getting opened and chewed up pretty fast, which is what corn candy is for, right?

Frisco Halloween Candy Corn Plush Squeaky toys

The treats I got for Marlo are:

  • American Journey Halloween Peanut Butter Recipe Grain-Free Oven Baked Crunchy – $3.99

Halloween Dog Treats

  • Fruitables Skinny Minis Spooky Pumpkin Spice Flavor Soft & Chewy Dog Treats – $4.99

Marlo is not picky and will eat any treat offered, so both of those are equal hits. I like the Fruitables, because they are very light and not fattening, but the peanut butter ones smell heavenly. In short, we both are very happy with both treats and kids are just happy to make him jump for them.