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New Pet Traits During Quarantine

New Pet Traits During Quarantine

If your fluff ball wasn’t the main guy or gal in your heart before corona pandemic, chances are now he or she is. We lived, and in some places are still living, through lockdown, together with our pets. We saw their daily routine the way we never did before. They got used to us always being home like never before. And it was a wonderful experience for everybody involved. So wonderful, in fact, that some owners don’t know how their pets will handle their going back to work. This is why many people are thinking about different ways to care for their pets once they leave for work.

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The power of human animal connection quite possibly saved our sanity more than once, so we do need to treat our pets accordingly. Our lives would definitely be very different without pets to keep our spirits up. They are with us through thick and thin, in happiness and in sadness, kinda like marriage, but better.

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When we get stressed, it’s enough to sit down next to your dog for a good petting session, or call for your cat to get on your lap, and everything gets better, even the fear of scary virus.

As we have been spending more time with our pets, we see how important it is to them too. This no doubt is encouraging many people to change the way they will take care of their pets in the post corona world.

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While on quarantine, many of us got interested in pets’ health more than before. We watched them close and we were ready to cater to every need and every smallest ailment. Chewy.com was here for us the entire time too. The company worked overtime to deliver not only essentials, but also medication through their expanded online pharmacy. They called our vets for us and filled prescriptions in a speedy manner.

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When we spend more time with our pets, we noticed more behavior issues than ever before, so naturally, calls to vets and check-ins increased, by over 40%.

While animal to human COVID-19 spread is neither proven, nor common, some cases were been recorded. The virus could be transferred through pet fur from us to them a lot more likely than another way around.

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One fear many of us now have is how animals will handle our going back to work and if they will experience separation anxiety. Funny how at first we worried about our pets seeing too much of us, when we suddenly stopped going to work in March, and now it’s the opposite problem. Chewy can help in this situation as well with stimulating toys, treat dispensing balls, cameras, and long lasting tough chews. All those items are great for distracting pets while we quickly slip out the door. Experts recommend avoiding long and emotional goodbyes.

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Many people who fostered pets from shelters to help out might decide to keep them, leaving some shelters completely empty. This goes to show how much empathy we have in our hearts and how our pets give unconditional love that we so need.

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If there is one thing we all learned from this corona ordeal is that we will never be alone in our time of need as long as we have pets in our hearts and in our homes.