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My Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday in our family and not only because it is the most romantic holiday of the year. It’s a double holiday for us because my husband’s name is…Valentine. Yes, I know I’m lucky to be married to Valentine and there is still plenty of romance in our relationships despite the fact that we have been married for 15 years already. This year I wanted to present him something memorable, something that would be about me and him. And of course, I wanted the gift to be personalized.

My Personalization Mall parcel delivered right to my doorstep.

My favorite store for personalized stuff is Personalization Mall. I love the wide assortment of products available for personalization and the ability to order unique products without additional personalization fee. So, I browsed their selection of Valentine’s gifts and found this cute Elegant Couple Personalized Glass Picture Frame. You see, we recently moved to California from another country and all our family photos stayed there. I miss some photo memories and family photos add coziness to any home. So, I decided to congratulate my husband with the coming holiday in a romantic way and ordered this personalized photo frame at Personalization Mall.

The frame comes engraved with our names, last name and one line of message. I added “You are my Valentine!” as a personalized message and I hope my husband will appreciate it.

The screenshot of my Personalization Mall order.

The glass frame costs $29.99, plus they charge an additional $2.99 for photo printing service. You see, some photo frames come without a photo included and you’ve got to get them printed separately. But I wanted to receive the gift with the photo, ready to be presented. And this personalized photo frame from Personalization Mall is just what I need: it’s elegant, beautiful and made of glass. Glass frame measurements are 12 1/2” x 6 1/2” and the frame holds a 4” x 6” photo.

So, the price of the personalized frame is $29,99 + $ 2,99 for photo printing, but I wanted to save on my order and applied Personalization Mall Coupon Code PMGFT25 and saved 25% on my order. I opted for economy shipping which is $7.99, and the total sum of my purchase was $34.65.

My personalized photo frame arrived packed in this elegant box.

The shipping was fast and expedient, and my order arrived safely packaged and placed in a special black box. I worried a little whether the glass frame would arrive safe, but the company is expert in delivery, and you may not worry about ordering fragile object as they are properly packaged.

The frame appeared even better than I saw on the photo. All edges of the frame are beveled and the laser engraving is very delicate and exquisite. The photo is accentuated by a silver frame trim and the glass frame is quite heavy. It is not fragile and looks chic, exactly as I wanted. I do hope that my husband will love my gift. It was chosen with love, and I’ve put all my affection into designing it. The photo I chose is one of the best in our photo collection, and it depicts us at the time when we were very happy. Every time I look at it, I relive those moments and they warm my heart with tender feelings. The vibrant colors on the photo add energy and I am sure the photo will look great in our interior.

Personalization Mall Coupon Code I got with my order, but I used PMGFT25 to save on my purchase.

I also got Personalization Mall Coupon Code with my Personalization Mall order. Now I can get an extra 20% Off or free shipping with coupon code JYSH95RN on my next purchase at Personalization Mall. I am going to use this code as I already have got some ideas about my next order at Personalization Mall and the coupon code will come in handy.