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Very Personalized 18th Birthday

Personalized 18th Birthday

COVID is here to stay a while longer, but when you turn 18, you turn 18 and no virus can stop you. This is how we felt about our son becoming adult this past weekend – an occasion so special that had to be marked with at least a small circle of friends and family.

Personalized 18th Birthday Decorations

It’s important to say that not just any regular guy turned 18, but a real YouTube start with successful Unbrickme channel and Unbrickme site. This called for seriously personalized event and thanks to Personalization Mall it was.

Very Personalized 18th Birthday

We worked very hard to make sure everything looked, tasted, and felt perfect.

Personalized Balloons

I didn’t see any disappointed faces and my son said that the party felt like a royal event, so I will take it as the biggest compliment. It’s not easy to please an 18 year old influencer after all!

Personalized Birthday Event

We had the celebration on the ocean and at home. Boys really wanted to go fishing and if you live in Southern California, you can. We had a boat and caught some serious fish, but let it all go because who has time to bother with that if you have pizza, cake, and cupcakes waiting at home?

Birthday Pizza

To host our son’s best friends we decorated our house and were completely serious about it. My husband spend hours hanging decorations and balloons all over the kitchen and dining area and then hours more taking it all down after the festivities were over. Little 5-year old brother was everywhere helping as well.

Persoanlized Unbrickme Plates

Most of my decorations came from Personalization Mall. I have loved that store for a while, because I never received anything less than perfect from there, be it kitchen supplies, gifts, Christmas ornaments or decorations for a special celebration like this. Everything comes in about a week and most items sport serious discounts.

Personalised Birthday Decorations

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Personalized Cupcakes

My son is all about his YouTube channel these days, so understandably most of the decorations, cupcakes, balloons, posters, and little souvenirs for guests had to feature Unbrickme name. Besides Personalization Mall, I got some cool stuff from Etsy, Amazon, and Walmart.

Personalized 18th Birthday Ideas

Amazon is best for when you really don’t feel like going to multiple stores to get a bunch of different supplies. Here your choices are virtually unlimited and everything comes in two days. Even though I’m not the biggest Amazon fan, it was very convenient to use it this time.

Personalized Birthday

Walmart is my other go to place and I like it better than Amazon. Prices matter, of course, but I also enjoy the variety of choices. You can buy party supplies in bulk and not break the bank. Not everything has to be personalized after all.

Walmart Organic Vegetables

Walmart has a nice organic produce section as well and that’s where our cuces, tomatoes, cheeses, and deli meats came from.

Walmart Organic Products

Pizza matters very much these days and that came from our favorite local joint, no personalization needed there.

Lego Details Cupcakes

Finally, LEGO! My son’s channel is very much LEGO related, so some of it had to be included in the celebration.

Lego Details Cake

First and foremost, there was a decent size grand piano made entirely of LEGO – courtesy of the birthday boy himself.

Unbrickme Cake

LEGO details were also part of the heavenly cake and scrumptious cupcakes. And at the very end, we will always have the customized pillow with my son’s face to remember this day by!

This party goes to show that with great ideas and great companies helping implementing those ideas, fun can be had even during the pandemic, safely and sufficiently. This celebration left our big boy very happy and his family very grateful and proud!