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Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's  day Personalized Gifts

There is a lot of hype around Valentine’s Day. Some say that it is all commerce and you should treat each other nicely every day of the year. Others love celebrating it.

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It is possible to find something positive, whatever camp you might belong to, right? Hype is involved in every holiday, so why only a day of lovers gets punished?

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Valentine’s Day is the next good sales occasion after Christmas, so retailers can definitely get on our nerves with pushing their generic items and this way murdering the romance.

Jewelry Gift for Her for Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is about love, so let’s forget the candy and try to find something that could illustrate our true feelings. This is what we think could help serve this romantic purpose:

Personalized items

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Personalization Mall is one place where you can choose a gift from thousands of items and then get it engraved with her name, picture of you both, and a meaningful message.

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First edition of a book that she loves

Valentine's Day Gift for Book Lovers

It’s hard to find books like in the old days. It’s usually eBooks or audio books these days. If somebody does have a real book, it’s the flimsy paperback kind with bent pages. What happened to those sturdy leather-bound books of the past? They are still around and can be found. If your leading lady likes to read and has a favorite book, track it down for her and she will know that you mean it when you talk of love.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Book Lovers


You have probably seen it, those romantic proposals in the sky while vacationing in Florida. Turns out they are becoming more popular for Valentine’s Day and we think they are wonderful surprises.

Fashion accessories

You probably know what brands she likes and what accessories she owns, so it should be easy to add to her collection. Take a friend or a young relative with you for help if you need it.

Adopt a pet

This one takes some preparation and you should be sure that she wants one, but if she does, you’ll be her hero showing up with that puppy, kitty, or fluffy rabbit.

Pet for Her


Shoes for Her

No woman can have too many shoes, period, be it 150 pairs she owns or just 10. If you don’t trust your judgment, take her out shopping a few weeks in advance, monitor what she likes, and then get it for her later.

A gift of spa or massage

Valentine's day Gift for Her

Forget the chocolate and all the roses, when you can give her a gift of pampering. If she is anything like most of us, she is busy with her job and schedule and could really use a break. Couples massage is also a nice option.

Romantic trip

This gift is perfect for all who value experiences and would like to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the mountains, on the beach, or hiking, instead of sitting in a crowded restaurant.

Valentine's Day Romantic Trip

Beauty products

Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts

If your girl wears makeup, be sure she can always use more. Get her eyeliners, mascara, your favorite color lipsticks, eye shadows, brushes, lotions, and creams – all will be well received.

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A dress

Dresses For Her

Not everybody can pick this gift, but if you know her size and her style, give it a try. You can also observe her while shopping and get some ideas. Go for something simple, but elegant. Uber sexy dress might fit an 18 year old model, but do consider her age and body shape.

Sexy lingerie

This gift is more for you then for her, but if she likes to indulge you and is happy when you are happy, do spoil her with some sexy undergarments.

Sexy Lingerie for Her

Love letter

This doesn’t cost a thing and can really reflect your feelings better than anything you can buy for her. Yes, it’s old-fashioned, but so many of us crave just that.

Love Letter for Her


Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift

Jewelry is very personal, so again, you should be very confident that you know her style. Play with precious metals, gemstones, shapes, and engraving to find exactly what she likes.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for Her

Chocolate and wine

Alright, we said no chocolate, but we relent. Make sure you get a good one – no Hershey’s here, and add a nice bottle of her favorite wine.

Valentine's day Chocolate Gift


Flowers have spoken the language of love for as long as humans remember, so consider adding a few stems or creating an elaborate bouquet as a main gift to convey your love.

Valentines Day Flower Gifts for Her

Gift basket

Make her happy as child in a candy store with a gift basket that will have way more than just one gift. You will need a nice basket, filler material, and fabric for lining. When it comes to gifts, use your imagination – candles, soaps, bath needs, beauty products, chocolate, little toys, and definitely a card.

Create a scent for her

Giving perfume is nice, but not all readily available scents convey your feelings, so create your own fragrance for her by mixing various scents and putting them in a personalized bottle from the likes of Personalization Mall.

Something for her hobby

There are plenty of supplies for whatever it is she enjoys doing – running, working out, cooking, gardening, painting, knitting, and many other activities.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her Hobby

Custom clothing

Go for something simple like a t-shirt or a sweater that can be worn every day and feature a special customized design or message from you.

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Puzzle picture

You can choose any picture or pictures you want, but preferably something significant for you as a couple and have it turned into a puzzle by Personalization Mall or any other company that does that.

New gadget

Valentine's Day New Gadget Gift

Flowers, chocolates, and plush toys are nice, but if you know what kind of gadget she can use, get that for her and your gift will be used and appreciated all the time. Think headphones, mouse, keyboard, smart watch, eBook reader, or Amazon device for her kitchen.

Once you have a gift picked, pay a little extra attention to the packaging because it’s all in the details. Happy Valentine’s Day!