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Summer Picnics with Personalization Mall

Personalization Mall Summer 2021 Deals

While summer can be brutally hot in some parts of the country, here is southern California, close to the beach, things are nice and breezy.

Summer Picnics with Personalization Mall

So nice and breezy, in fact, that we have been enjoying some serious time outside with friends or just by ourselves almost every day.

Summer 2021 Picnic

There are so many parks around us that it would be shame not to take advantage of them, especially now that masks are finally coming off and people can enjoy life again. Beach is always nice too; our kids love it just as much. Whichever one we choose, we take a basket with refreshments and snacks and spend a day out and about.

pMall Summer 2021 Deals

One company that really helps us enjoy our days to the fullest is Personalization Mall. This is the place I go to for all my gift needs and for customized things for my kids. Everything I ever got there was always high quality, made fast, and totally special. Personalization Mall can customize everything for free and usually in just 2 days, even during the pandemic, when everybody else was very slow.

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Summer with PersonalizationMall

Personalization Mall doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, which is very important when it comes to shopping for kids. I wouldn’t want to get stuff that’s super expensive, because we all know how kids treat their belongings. With Personalization Mall, there are always discounts and seasonal sales, so I get what I need financially painless. There are so many wonderful things I can say about this store that I could go on forever. But what I really want to share here is that our entire family enjoys special things we get from there and can take along with us when we travel, visit friends, or go on a picnic:

This Daddy belongs to… mug

This Daddy belongs to… Mug

Father’s Day is coming and we are ready. One mug is for daddy and another was for mommy for Mother’s Day. This way we have everybody covered and very affordably. In my opinion, keepsakes like these are priceless and worth every penny.  And it might be not too late to get a mug like that for this Father’s Day if you are one of the last minute gift shopping people.

Personalized small bowl for kids

Personalized Small Bowl for Kids

This one is a must-have for every picnic! My son enjoys eating everything from this personalized bowl – cherries, yogurt, ice cream, you name it. The bowl is perfect size and easy to carry and clean. Sure, it’s a bit heavy, but when the child loves something this much, I have no problem taking it along. And it’s a lot better than using something plastic and throwing it away.

Green frog bucket

Green Frog Bucket

This personalized bucket is another necessity for our picnic outings. There is wind in California somewhere any time of the day, so soap bubbles are effortless and my younger son loves them. We use green frog plastic bucket to keep soapy water contained and in perfect consistency for the best bubbles.

All in all, it’s very easy to set the stage for just about anything with Personalization Mall and the supplies they offer, from personalized beach towels to special custom gifts for anybody on your list. Dads, we see you!