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Housewarming Gifts from Personalization Mall

My Personalization Mall housewarming gifts arrived.

We have recently moved to a new home and my friends and relatives keep congratulating us with this event. I had a housewarming party last week but some of my relatives just couldn’t make it for some reasons, but they’ve sent their housewarming gifts by mail instead. I was so impressed with their nice, personalized choices that I would like to share with you these gift ideas.

Personalization Mall parcel box.

These personalized items will make a perfect gift for anyone as they are must haves in any home.

kitchen Towel

Personalized Kitchen Towel from Personalization Mall.

Kitchen cotton towel with the family monogram will add charm and coziness to any kitchen/dining area. I love cooking and kitchen is the place in our home when all the family get together when they smell the aroma of the freshly baked cupcakes or homemade lasagna. I have all boys in my family, and I am the happiest mom on Earth when I see them get together to savor my treats. Such personalized towel is a great home accessory that symbolizes family unity.

family Market Personalized Serving Bowl

Personalized Serving Bowl from Personalization Mall.

A large bowl will come in handy in any household, and it will become a real treasure if it bears the name of the family on it. Just fancy, you can pourin various snacks and enjoy the movie night at home with the family. The bowl is quite large and made of quality ceramic. It can hold up to 5 Quarts of fruits, vegetables, cookies or snacks.

personalized Cutting Board

Classic Kitchen Personalized Maple Cutting Board from Personalization Mall.

I was extremely happy to get this classic kitchen cutting board as a gift. To be honest, I love it so much that I am going to use it as a personalized kitchen accessory or as a serving board rather than a cutting board. I like the elegant graphic detailunder the family name that decorates it and makes the wooden board so chic.

personalized Sushi Board Set

Cherry Blossom Personalized Sushi Board Set from Personalization Mall.

We do love sushi and often purchase them, so this beautifully engraved bamboo sushi board is going to be used often, I am sure. The left bottom of the wooden boards is personalized with the family name. The top of the board is laser engraved with traditional Japanese design – cherry blossom. What a beautiful and elegant way to serve sushi! The bamboo board comes with sushi wooden chopsticks and sushi bowl.

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Every item from the parcel was thoughtfully chosen and personalized for our family. Such little things add uniqueness and personalization to your home, a place where you want to return and where you feel relaxed and happy. Personalized housewarming gifts make my home extra special and home products chosen with love and care bring the energy of affection and prosperity.