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Personalized Summer Gifts for Kids

Personalized Summer Gifts for Kids 2020

There is nothing more meaningful and fun than gifts with your own name on them, especially if you are a child. Anything personalized is beyond amazing, because you can’t get much more unique than that. You can show off items bearing your name to your friends and know for a fact that everybody will be jealous.

Personalization Mall makes writing or embroidering, or engraving names and personal messages a breeze for adults and kids alike. Our focus is on kids though and all the stuff that can make them feel happy and special.

Personalized Gifts for Kids Summer Activities

This summer is unlike any other with constant danger of coronavirus and limited activities for everybody. Kids suffer the most if they can’t see friends, go on vacation, and attend summer camps. One thing they still can do though is get gifts and visit beaches and parks close by. And there might be some very lucky kids who live in California and Florida, where beaches and parks are everywhere. For those not so lucky there are still pools, lakes, and rivers, which all are perfect places for displaying personalized summer gifts.

Regardless of where you live, this summer simply calls for extra spoiling of bored kids at home. Gifts with a personal touch are very likely to be kept through the years as keepsakes, which is not the case with store bought stuff. A name and a date on just about anything can serve as a perfect reminder of 2020 and the unprecedented times we’ve lived through. Thankfully, Personalization Mall has plenty of those ‘just about everythings’ to personalize and to keep.

Personalized Towels from Personalization Mall

I decided that a little spoiling was really due for my little boy this summer, especially after I signed him up for an international summer camp. This camp is full of kids and doesn’t require suffocating masks, so it’s perfect. Michael goes there every day between 9am and 1pm. He has the best time and looks forward to it every day. Kids get to spend time in playgrounds and beaches as long as something not closed can be found.

All that fun is great, but we decided that he really needed something that belonged to him and didn’t get mixed up with other kids’ stuff. I knew where to go right away – Personalization Mall has all kinds of summer supplies and will deliver everything personalized for free in a few days.

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Michael decided that he needed some essentials – a beach towel, a beach bag, and a bucket set for sand toys. All these items were super easy to find at Personalization Mall.

Personalized beach towel from Personalization Mall

Personalized beach towels go for about $30 at Personalization Mall and many of them are on sale. We went with a large towel that had sand, water, and sky motives. Michael chose his name in big letters and New Port Beach 2020, California to be written on it. As I said before, my plan is to keep this towel for a long time and to always remember that even year 2020 was over eventually, despite each month lasting for 103 days.

Personalized Beach Bag

Another essential must-have is a beach bag. My son decided that he can’t live without a cute blue and white canvas bag with Finding Dory characters. I love it because it’s super spacious and sturdy enough to be loaded and dragged through sand day in and day out. The bottom is stable, so the tote never falls down. Michael loves it because of its bright colors, his name, and his favorite cartoon characters on it.

Personalized blue bucket and shovel from Personalization Mall

The last item in our personalized summer collection from Personalization Mall is a blue bucket and shovel – the most essential beach items. This bucket is very simple and costs just a few dollars, but it can never be mixed with other kids’.

Personalized Blue Bucket

I, as a parent, often feel frustrated when our stuff gets taken by mistake or when we grab somebody else’s buckets. My little guy is very proud of this one and feels a rightful owner. It actually helps him learn to keep track of and be responsible for his own things.

Personalized Summer Gifts for Family

These three things are essential for us, but Personalization Mall has so much more for your entire family! There are gifts for everybody on your list and every one of those gifts is bound to make the receiver feel not only happy, but appreciated and important, because creating something personalized involves more planning and thought than just going on Amazon and ordering something generic.