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Chewy Goody Box Polar Paws for Puppies

Chewy Goody Box Polar Paws for Puppies 2021

The end of 2021 is dedicated to making our dog extra spoiled. We decided that there is no reason why Oska should not enjoy herself to the fullest. After all, Christmas only happens once a year and Chewy has endless goodies to be tried, so our fur baby really has unlimited choices at this point.

When I need to spoil her, I always turn to Chewy. Sometimes I pick her toys and treats myself, but most of the time I let Chewy’s experts behind Goody Boxes do it for me. Goody Box is not a subscription service, but rather on demand kinda deal, where you order a box only when you feel like it. I usually order a new one every couple of months, but always one for Halloween and at least one for Christmas.

This time I got two Christmas ones. They both are called Polar Paws, but our last one was for medium and large dogs, and this one is for puppies. I am happy to report that they both are very different, but equally loved by our 7 year old puppy. The previous box had toys that are sturdier and longer lasting, but this one beats them in cuteness department.

Both boxes cost $24.99 and each month there is a new one released, so you will always get new items. I love Frisco products for dogs and discovered that most toys in Goody Boxes are made by Frisco. Snacks and treats are from American Journey and have goodies that are grain, gluten, soy, and corn free, which I really appreciate. Oska wouldn’t care, but I do.

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I like to get our Oska a puppy box because from time to time she just feels like killing some smaller toys, besides working on more hefty and longer lasting ones from her own age and weight category. And I myself like her puppy box toys, some of them have even been rescued and given to my son when he was smaller. At this point all the toys go to Oska without sharing and she doesn’t mind that at all.

So let’s take a look at what do puppies get from Chewy for Christmas:

Plush elephant with lights toy

Plush Elephant with Lights Toy

This little elephant is all entangled in Christmas lights and is as cute as all get out. He, of course, won’t last long with Oska’s German shepherd teeth and will get fatally untangled in no time, unless I’ll take it away from her, which I might. I will at least give it to her with breaks, so we can stretch our time together with this elephant a little bit longer.

Frisco Happy Pawlidays Christmas stocking

Frisco Christmas Stocking

Oska has a stocking with her name from Personalization Mall already, but extra stockings mean extra gifts and she would love that if she could only understand it. This one is a little lower quality than our custom made, but who cares about that when there are gifts to be taken out of it?

Frisco Cat & Dog Holiday Throw

Frisco Holiday Throw

This throw is cute and all, but we have already gotten one from the medium and large dog Polar Paws box, so this one is a little extra.

Frisco Holiday Throw for Puppies

On the other hand, I have a friend with a new kitty, so this can be our perfect welcome home gift for it.

Green Christmas Tree chew toy

Green Christmas Tree Chew Toy

This chew toy would definitely be good for any puppy’s itchy teeth. Oska doesn’t have puppy teeth, but they still itch quite often, especially around computer cords, so this will be a good distraction. It’s pretty small and won’t last long, but she’ll enjoy it while it does.

American Journey Training Bits beef recipe treats

American Journey Training Bits

I always prefer giving her smaller size treats, because they last longer and Oska doesn’t get full just from treats. Kids love to give them to her and the bigger ones from the previous box have to be broken into smaller parts, which takes some time. These come in perfect size already and can be used for various new tricks learning (we still haven’t given up on that).