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Funniest Holiday Sweater from Chewy

Holiday Sweater from Chewy 2021

Let’s talk about funny and ugly sweaters, but not for human office parties. This time I have something to say about sweaters for dogs, for my dog, to be exact. And I have never though I will be talking about a sweater for a German shepherd, but time and love makes us soft, I suppose.

Back in a day I remember myself raging about people going crazy and dressing their pets like humans. A dog with booties, with little vests, sweaters, and in a doggy stroller?! My younger self couldn’t tolerate that. I was announcing dooms days and the collapse of our civilization every time I saw those older ladies with their dressed canines. But a few years went by, I got a family of my own and a family dog, and I don’t rage about such things anymore. More so, I now find them cute and harmless. Sure, that dog might be a little uncomfortable and a bit hot, but no dog ever died from such troubles while making their owner happy.

Toys and Goodies from Chewy

To illustrate my maturity and changed ways, this year I decided to find my Oska a cute and funny Christmas sweater myself. Now don’t get me wrong – I shall not parade her German shepherd highness in such sweater on California streets often, if at all, but just in case my little pumpkin ever gets cold around Christmas time, she will have a sweater waiting for her. And a camera ready for some pictures.

If I ever have to find something for her, it’s usually from Chewy.com. That store has everything I need and plenty of stuff I really don’t need. There are always plenty of choices when it comes to food, treats, toys, chews, grooming supplies, and overall pet supplies. The same applies not just to dogs, but also cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and everything that moves and can be loved. There probably are no booties for lizards, but they will sure have habitats and food galore. When it comes to dogs, the choices are virtually limitless.

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I have tried getting Oska into a Halloween costumes before without much success, so I knew that getting her into a sweater won’t be an easy feat either. This is why I started my funny sweater shopping with a search for a perfect treat. Oska loves braided bully sticks anytime and every time, so I got a giant one for her this go around.

When I typed dog Christmas sweater on Chewy.com I got 116 results. Some sweaters were for dogs and cats. I imagine cats tolerate such décor even less, but their mommies will still try. Dog sweaters come in every size and price range possible – from extra small for $12.99 to large $30+ creations. I was looking for a middle of the road kind of deal and had plenty of choices.

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I called my kids for help and we agreed on a cure Frisco Nordic Fair Isle Dog & Cat Hooded sweater for $16.99. Long story short, this sweater makes Oska look like a cute little moose. Our little moose is over 90 pounds and not very happy about her moosiness, so we bribe her with the braided treat that also came from Chewy together with the sweater.

Tasty Goodies from Chewy

When the blue and tan Chewy box arrived, Oska recognized it right away and was beside herself with anticipation of toys and tasty goodies. Tasty goodie she got, but the disappointment was palpable when instead of a toy she was dressed like one herself.

Funniest Sweater from Chewy

She didn’t like her new attire one bit, but being a good girl that she is, she posed for some pictures and really worked up an appetite. After some good laughs we took the sweater off of her and gave her the treat. I didn’t want to overwhelm her right away, because she will still have to pose for our family Christmas pictures later this month.

Holiday Sweater from Chewy

This struggle with a simple sweater makes me wonder – what do those cute old ladies have to do to make their dogs not only tolerate, but seemingly enjoy being dressed in sweaters and in little boots? Do they know some secrets that I don’t? I decided that the next time I see one, I’m going up to her and asking. For I too want my furry lady to prance around town decked out and fashionable from head to toe. And I’m not kidding!