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Thoughtful Gifts for Babysitters

Thoughtful Gifts for Babysitters

Christmas time is a magical time when we look forward to having a chance to make the most coveted dreams come true. However, the holiday season can be a little bit stressful if you have an extensive list of people you want to express your affection to. In fact, your gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be appreciated. If your babysitter is in your holiday list here are some babysitters thank you gift ideas that my help you come up with the most thoughtful gift.

Two Movie Tickets + $10 Concessions Card ($29.99)

Two Movie Tickets

Consider presenting you babysitter two movie tickets for the coming premiere. The cheapest Regal movie tickets available are always at Costco. The good part about this gift is that your trustworthy helper can choose the day herself and the movie she would like to watch.

A Book

Harry Potter The Illustrated Editions

If you know her favorite book or movie a good Christmas gift idea to consider is to present a special edition with sleek paper and high-quality illustrations to read with pleasure and cherish for years to come. Costco is again the place to go as here you can find unbeatable prices on a wide range of popular books as well as some rare finds. For example, if your babysitter is a big fan of Harry Potter series there is Harry Potter The Illustrated Editions Years 1 and 2 ($52.99) at Costco. It’s going to be a worthy decoration on any book shelf and a book to reread again and again.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Babysitter

Before Christmas everyone is decorating her home and any gift as holiday decoration will be much valued. But you can enhance your art of gift giving by presenting personalized Christmas ornaments to your babysitter and show without words how much you appreciate her care and love. Personalization Mall is a popular store for ordering personalized stuff, including personalized Christmas ornaments. The store features a wide selection of Christmas ornaments you can personalize with personal engraving and greetings. I’m sure anyone would be happy to get personalized decoration with warm words of gratitude and love. And it’s not going to cost a fortune! Besides, now Personalization Mall runs a huge sale so customers could enjoy their custom products at the reduced price with Personalization Mall Coupon. For example, this cute wooden ornament used to cost $19.99, but now it is available for just $10.99. And there are more discounts on a wide selection of Christmas gifts and holiday decorations.

Christmas Gifts and Holiday Decorations Coupon

Starbucks Gift Card (Her Favorite Restaurant Gift Card)

Starbucks Gift Card

If you know what’s your babysitter’s favorite restaurant you can present her a Gift Card so she could dine out there with someone special. Or, if she loves coffee consider presenting Starbucks Gift Card for her to enjoy aroma drink whenever she wants to. That’s something she’s definitely going to love.

Her Favorite Store Gift Card

Her Favorite Store Gift Card

If your babysitter has been working at your home for a while the chances, are you probably know her favorite store where she loves to shop. Whether it’s Macy’s, Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s, a Gift Card to it will be a great gift to consider.