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Christmas Ornaments You Will not Find at Personalization Mall

Light up Christmas Gnomes OrnamentsPersonalized gnomes as Christmas ornaments available in store only

Every year before Christmas we buy new Christmas ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree. I prefer getting custom Christmas ornaments that become the symbols of the year. Now there are very many places to get personalized Christmas ornaments. I usually purchase those at Personalization Mall, because they don’t charge for personalization and ship pretty fast. I like the quality of their products and can rely on them to deliver my order on time.

Christmas Ornaments by Personalization Mall

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Light up Christmas GnomesPersonalized Christmas Gnomes with LED Lights by History & Heraldry Europe

I used to believe that you can order everything online and if there is something offered for sale in store you can order it online too. How wrong I was. During my trip to Sedona, Arizona, I found a beautiful gift shop with unique personalized Christmas ornaments I haven’t seen before. These are the cutest personalized light up Christmas gnomes. Each costs $12.99 and comes with LED lights.

Gnomes with Popular NamesEmbroidered personalized Christmas gnome ornaments in Sedona, Arizona

Gnomes feature nice knit hats where the name of the gift recipient is embroidered. There is a wide selection of gnomes with popular names. If you haven’t found you name on the hat don’t’ get upset as there are plenty of gnomes with blank hats where you can write your name or the name of the person to whom you are going to present it with the special marker. The gnomes are made by History & Heraldry Europe based in Estonia. I checked online, and to my surprise, these gnomes are not available to be ordered online.

Personalized Gnomes OrnamentsCustom Christmas Gnomes

In addition to just names embroidered on the pointed knit hats some custom Christmas gnomes have hats with writings like Baby’s First Christmas, Special Friend, Special Sister, Son, Granddaughter, etc. Gnomes are not big and have no bodies. Their shape resembles a bell, with a pointed hat and white furry bears where LED lights are hidden. And, of course, a round nose is sticking out of the hat, completely hiding the eyes.

Personalized Gnomes Ornament with NameANNA Christmas gnome ornament with LED Lights

To tell the truth, I think that such exclusive gnomes as Christmas ornaments will make any Christmas tree special and unique. Since these Christmas ornaments are not available online not very many people will be able to find them. How lucky I was to stumble on these gnomes in a gift shop in Arizona. I was looking for one-of-the-kind gift for my friend and I found it by chance. My friend’s name is quite popular, and I quickly found the gnome with the hat bearing her name – Anna. I also bought gnomes for my brother and my mom. I am sure they are going to like the gifts.

Gnome with Name AnnaANNA gnome ornament label

Sometimes searching the net is not enough to find the exclusive gift. Sometimes you just need to get to your car and take a road trip exploring new beautiful places, meeting new people and getting to know different culture and customs. During such an adventure you are going to find some unique things you have never seen before, for example, these adorable Christmas gnome ornaments.