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Tennis Lessons with Kids during Corona

PersonalizationMall Tennis Mom Baseball

Kids have been cooped up at home for so long, especially in California. The state was very swift in its reaction to pandemic and closed its parks, beaches, malls, and virtually all public places for people to spend time outdoors. It has been opening up for a while now, albeit slowly and with great caution, but then wildfires came with smoke in the air so thick it was not advised to be outside again.

Tennis Lessons with Kids

Given all these problems, Californians are feeling borderline claustrophobic, if you asked me. We want to get out and our kids desperately need to move. We want some normalcy with dinners out, shopping, and physical activities for the whole family.

Today our journey back to normalcy is through tennis. We started lessons with our youngest right before corona hit and couldn’t return to it until very recently. Michael liked the sport right away and kept asking when he can go back. A couple of weeks ago he finally could and it was a true celebration.

Personalized Tennis Mom baseball

In the spirit of love for tennis I ordered a custom made baseball hat that says Tennis Mom. Such custom personalized items always come from Personalization Mall – my go-to place for special gifts and kids’ supplies for school. It looks like a simple hat, but I get compliments all the time when I wear it. I guess people are used to soccer moms, but less so to tennis. It takes just 1-2 days for free personalization and then a few days to get it delivered, but it’s totally worth the wait. The deals are always plentiful at Personalization Mall too, so savings are guaranteed every time.

Personalization Mall Tennis Mom Baseball

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Tennis is a good sport for the times of pandemics, because no close contact is needed and it takes place outside. Outside in beautiful southern California in our case, so what can be better? There is no need for masks and no fear of corona, really. At least I feel very safe.

Tennis lessons

When California first started opening back up, tennis courts at our subdivision had 20 rules about sanitation, making sure you never come in when somebody is already playing, masks, and similar things. Today classes take place almost normally. Sure, tennis clubs and schools take precautions and are more diligent with schedules to make sure it doesn’t get overly crowded, but other than that life is back to normal here.

Kid's Tennis Lessons

Kids come to classes with their own equipment, clean their hands before and after the lessons, and then get to enjoy the game to the fullest. My son is so into it that I always stay with him and watch his lesson clad in my personalized hat. This is our time together and our bonding opportunity.

My older son was in Taekwondo for years, and his situation now is very different. Because the sport is indoors, the social distance restrictions remain and so does the requirement for masks. This was very upsetting to him – try sparring from the distance with a mask on! So for now there is no Taekwondo for us and I am not sure when and how we will return.

Tennis with Kids

At the end of the day, we are very thankful for tennis and for our club, which recognizes the need for safely getting back to life. If we stay immobile any longer, we will get so unhealthy that obesity and other diseases will claim more lives than corona. So find tennis close to you and get out while the weather is perfect!