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Target vs Walmart. My Honest Review

Walmart And Target Credit CardsTarget vs. Walmart credit cards

I have always been Target kind of gal. You know, the kind that goes to Target for a LEGO toy and wipes, but comes out with a cart full of kids’ clothes, towels, a few pool toys, curtains, wooden serving bowls, and LEGO, and wipes. Target in my area is conveniently located, always lively, well stocked, and clean. I love the energy of back-to-school shopping there and the excitement of Halloween or Christmas bustle. While I love all that, my husband doesn’t necessarily enjoy the credit card bills that come from that store…

Target $1 SectionTarget has great deals every day

I am not saying that Target is expensive – absolutely not, it’s just very inviting to shop ‘till you drop. The only thing that works for me is having a list in hand and an iron clad shopping plan, which I stick to and avoid useless spending on things that I like, but have no need for.

Target Kids Clothing ClearanceClearance section at Target is expansive

The purpose of my writing here is to tell you that while Target is great, it turns out Walmart is not much worse. That comes as a surprise to me. I always disliked Walmart for its size, employee treatment, lack of customer service, and atmosphere. Walmart always seemed so big that it can swallow you, and so opposite of cozy that I wanted to exit as soon as I got in.

Walmart Shoes In StoreWalmart has plenty of affordable shoes for kids

I don’t think I will ever switch from Target to Walmart, but I have to admit that after the last visit I dislike it a little less. Let me tell you why.

Target Pick Up ServiceTarget order pickup location

I did my last minute back-to-school shopping at Target, and to my surprise, it didn’t have three things I needed – Pink Pear erasers, Expo markers, and one special brand of pre-sharpened pencils. My next best bet was Walmart. While my story is not about back-to-school shopping, I have to mention it because that’s what sent me there. I know it was crazy to enter Walmart on the last day before school and hope for serenity, but I did it. I entered it and I immediately exited it. It was no chance for special brand pencils and no way to get even close to the shelves through crowds of people, all last minute shoppers like me.

 Walmart School Supplies ListWalmart features school supplies for good prices

I then went to Staples, got what I needed, promised to always do back-to-school shopping there, and was done with it. My love for Target was somewhat dimmed, and my dislike of Walmart remained the same, until I had to go there again, in two days, accompanying a friend who had no hard feelings for Walmart whatsoever.

Target Boy's Clothes On SaleFashion sale at Target – kids’ t-shirts for $7

This time is was very different. We went in the morning, after our fitness class, and I had a lovely experience. The store was virtually empty, very clean, and full of employees stocking the shelves with fresh produce and plentiful back-to-school items. We found what we needed, browsed through stylish Ellen DeGeneres collection of denim and jackets, bought some fresh fruit, finished back-to-school shopping, and checked out with a breeze, which is not my usual experience at Walmart.

Walmart EV1 From Ellen DeGeneres Women's Love Flag Denim JacketEllen DeGeneres collection at Walmart/20off.com

Yes, I still don’t like its cold blue colors and its size, but I have to admit, Walmart can be friendly to you and to your wallet, and you can really find virtually everything under the sun there. It is also good for exercising because going from garden section to produce on the opposite end is quite a workout.

Walmart AdWalmart offers coupon book every week

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Walmart StorefrontWalmart locations are plentiful

Finally, the prices. Let’s talk money. I bought 4 different things that day and compared apples to apples with Target prices when I came home. My findings surprised me. There they are:

Target StorefrontTarget stores are beloved by many

  • A bag of red Rainier Cherries – $2.98 per pound. Target sells the same cherries for $2.99 per pound. All good here, there is no difference.

Walmart Fresh FruitGrocery section at Walmart offers fresh produce

  • Athletic shoes for a girl – $16.87 at Walmart. Granted, they were no brand, but looked good and knowing how fast they all get destroyed by kids, they’ll be great. Target doesn’t have anything similar. The cheapest option from there is a pair of Skechers for $24.99

Walmart Ladies' SneakersExtra light kids athletic shoes under $20 from Walmart

  • Kids Everyone Soap 3-in-1 – $5.97 at Walmart. The exactly same thing at Target – $9.89. That’s a $4 difference!

Everyone Kids Soap 3-in-1 WalmartEveryone 3-in-1 Soap for every kid, Lavender at Walmart

  • Cra-Z-art Premium markers (pack of 20) – $5.98 at Walmart. Target did not have exactly the same brand, but similar Crayola markers went for $5-7, so I regard it as the same.

Walmart School Supplies On SaleBack to school sales at Walmart

This is my conclusion – Walmart is really cheaper than Target, at least this one time during my shopping without any coupons. I imagine there are cases that it can be completely opposite. One thing for sure – stay away from Everyone soaps at Target! It is also wise to prepare for shopping, use coupons, apps, and become a member of both loyalty programs.

Walmart Outdoor SignboardWalmart is a friendly place

Both stores have various sales and both can be out of things during hectic seasons, such as back-to-school shopping bonanza. All that being said, it is a personal choice, which retailer to like or like a little less. Some of us feel that overall shopping experience and atmosphere is important. Others care only about the best deal and the bottom line. I find myself somewhere in the middle and I will always like the coziness of Target, but after this last visit I will enter Walmart with a lot less hesitation that I would’ve had three months before. Major holidays and Black Friday shopping is something I want to have no part of, so from now on I will avoid shopping at both of those retailers during that time to save myself from all kinds of frustrations.

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