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Walmart Clearance Secrets and Hacks You Wish You Knew

If you are ready to rediscover Walmart and fall in love with the store again, read this and you will never look at clearance items the same way again. There are more savings at Walmart than you thought if you know your way around the clearance stuff:

Clearance starts at the beginning of the month

Clearance items are selected and marked down during the first five days of the month, so you will have the best luck if you shop at the beginning of the month.

Walmart Grocery ClearanceWalmart has many shopping secrets

Clearance section and locations

Some Walmart stores have dedicated clearance isles while others have their clearance offers spread around the store. You might even find Walmart where you can have it both ways. Don’t be afraid to ask and always keep an eye for yellow stickers.

Walmart Summer ClearanceIt all starts with clearance at Walmart

Perishables clearance

Produce, meat, and bakery products are marked down one day before “best by” date. Often times it happens the day prior by 8 p.m.

Ask for reduction if a product is unmarked

This applies to perishable products that are going out of date next day, but the employees didn’t get to it yet. You will get a discount if you will find a product like that and ask.

Walmart Shoes ClearanceSummer shoes on clearance sale at Walmart

Toy clearance

The best time to buy toys is January and July, when you can get up to 75%-90% off original price. Few other items get discounted this deep, ever.

Walmart Clearance ToysToys are heavily discounted too

Use Brickseed

If you find an item that has been on clearance, but is sold out at Walmart, use Brickseed app, scan the bar code, and see if the same item is available and also cheap at competitor stores around you.

Walmart Clothing ClearanceSummer essentials are selling out fast at Walmart/20off.com

Walmart Coupons:

  • Up to 85% OFF Clearance
  • Up to 75% OFF Toys Clearance
  • Up to 60% OFF Home Clearance

Managers decide on discounts

The corporate office tells locations to discount some items, but the local managers have a lot of say in that too. This means that different locations might have different items on clearance.

Walmart Clearance ShoesSome stuff is 50% off at Walmart

Dented cans

Yes, this is a big deal! A lot of Walmart locations collect all the dented cans in one spot and sell them $1 off each just for a dent. You can always ask associate to help you find this place or ask for discount if you find a dented one.

After holidays sales

Shop for Christmas after Christmas at Walmart and you will win some major discounts. In other words, you can shop for all major holidays a year in advance and save money. Last season’s décor starts at 50% off and can go as high as 90% before it’s all said and done.

Walmart SalesStart saving with clearance before you try anything else

Clearance prices won’t increase

All clearance items’ prices can stay the same or go down, but they will never go back up. Rollbacks are another story and will most likely go back up, so hurry up on those.

Walmart RollbacksRollback pricing is always on fire at Walmart

Clearance price usually ends at $0.00

Most of the clearance items will end at $.00, but there are exceptions. The last number should not be your sole focus. Look at the original price and the color of the tag instead.

Type “clearance” into online search to find clearance deals

You can easily do that online or on the app and find all clearance deals, which might be very different than at the store.

Walmart Clearance ClothesSummer athletic apparel features discounts

Buy right away if you find 60% off

Such discount is a luxury to find, so if you do, grab it and don’t wait. If you see something that is discounted less than 60%, there is a chance that it will continue getting cheaper.