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7 Tips for Walmart Grocery Pickup

Tips for Walmart Grocery Pickup and DeliveryWalmart offers grocery pickup and delivery

Walmart, along with its competitors, is ramping-up its newest service – online grocery ordering. It seems that everybody wants to do it these days, putting a lot of pressure on us, consumers, to figure out what is worth our attention and what is not.

Walmart Pickup OffersPickup service is ultimate convenience

We want to take a look at Walmart’s free grocery ordering online and delivery right to the car.. The retailer also offers grocery home delivery, but this topic is for another time.

Walmart Grocery Pickup OfferDairy section in grocery department

Busy people can now rejoice because there are so many options and choices of ways to shop, get what you want, and never even set a foot inside the store.

Walmart's Grocery CouponsThousands of products can be picked for you and delivered to your car

Americans seem to like such service that saves not only time, but money too, especially if you let a retail giant like Walmart show you a thing or two about convenience and savings.

Walmart Grocery Pickup TipsFrozen goodies from Walmart

This service can be a life-saver for so many people – busy families, single parents, handicapped, and many others. Let’s take a look step by step at this magical process of free grocery pick-up:

Where to start?

First of all, you will have to take a few preparation steps to get you started. You can find Walmart Grocery on your account online or download Walmart Grocery app.

Walmart Pickup PromotionsOrdering and picking up is very simple at Walmart

The next step is selecting your home store and choosing pick-up time. The time slots are from 8 am to 8 pm, giving you plenty of time.

Shopping itself needs little explanation. Just keep in mind that to get free pick-up you have to have at least $30 worth of items in your cart.

Is it more expensive to do grocery pick-up?

The prices of groceries and other items are exactly the same whether you choose to pick them yourself in the store or let Walmart associates do the job for you. If the price happens to change between your ordering time and pick-up, you will get the lower rate.

Walmart Promo OffersShopping at Walmart saves you money

To save even more, agree to substitutions and get an even better price on many staples.

Walmart Grocery Coupons:

  • $10 OFF Grocery Purchases of $50 +
  • Free Delivery on Your Grocery Order
  • 80% OFF Select Rollbacks

Walmart Grocery Pickup PromoWalmart has designated pickup locations

What types of payments are accepted?

Walmart Grocery orders can be paid for with credit or debit cards, so don’t carry any cash to pay the delivering person by the car. The best way is to save your credit card information in your account and get charged each time you shop.

Some stores are starting to accept EBT payments.

Walmart Grocery PickupGrocery section is expansive, so order pickup and save time

How will you be contacted?

Once you place your order, look out for an email with confirmation and details about the pickup, such as where exactly you should park and when will it be ready. There is an option to add extra items in case you forgot something before certain time. You will also get a text message when your pick-up time is coming closer.

Walmart Grocery Clearance OffersClearance items are included in pickup service at Walmart

To save time, you can check in through the app when you get on your way and you won’t have to wait by the store.

How to find the pick-up parking?

Walmart Grocery Pickup Promo CodeGrocery department at Walmart

Finding the pick-up area for the first time might be tricky, especially in small underground parking lots. To guide shoppers like you, Walmart is displaying large orange Pick-up signs, so just follow them. Trust us, those signs are everywhere and will guide you easily.

Walmart Grocery Pickup TipsWalmart pickup locations are easy to find

The best time to show up is right in the middle of your pick-up slot, giving yourself and your grocery person enough time.

Walmart Pickup PromoIt’s never too busy at Walmart pickup

What to do after arrival?

As soon as you park, call the number on the closest sign and wait. The groceries will be delivered to your car within minutes and you will be on your way.

If you agree to have substitutions, the delivering person will explain if any were made. Without exiting your car you will sign for the groceries and get them loaded into your car’s trunk. The entire procedure might take2-3 minutes. This really beats wondering around the huge store looking for the stuff you need on your own.

Walmart Grocery PromotionsDeli section at Walmart

Can you find Walmart Grocery coupon codes?

Yes, there are additional coupon codes in many places online to help you save even more.

In conclusion, the service is impressive and is definitely worth all the hype. The process is easy, fast, efficient, and stress-free. It’s safe to say that once you try it one time, you are very likely to come back for more.