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19 Amazing Designer Finds from Walmart

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Walmart is not necessarily known as a place for the most amazing and decadent items. It’s a place where we come to save some money, buy great generic supplies, and cheap electronics. We also walk out of Walmart with a lot more stuff than we intended to buy. While all that is still true, we found some products that will surprise you and will be hard to believe they came from Walmart:

A Glamorous Antique Brass Chandelier, $199

MoDRN is a hip line of furniture from Walmart that features the likes of this chandelier that will elevate any style with its architectural design and clean lines, blurring the definition between art and light fixture.

A fun, floral electric kettle, $20-$35

If you are looking for something whimsical and unique for your kitchen, look no further. In addition to this kettle, you can find plenty of other appliances from Hamilton Beach and The Pioneer Woman collaboration line.

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Outdoor Lantern String Lights, $16-$18

Now that spring is here, it’s a perfect time to decorate your patio for all those summer evening BBQs. These lights will be the talk of the night without draining your savings.

A Coca cola mini fridge, $68-$100

This little refrigerator with cold coke or beer cans inside will keep you refreshed at work, during your patio party, or while working in your garage. It’s small, cute, portable, and absolutely useful.

An embroidered 5-Piece Duvet Set, $70-$90

This duvet will not only look stylish, but will make you feel cozy with its soft, cool, and smooth material. It’s very affordable and looks like a million bucks. Save extra by getting a comforter from Walmart’s Hotel Style Collection.

The Beloved Beautyblender Sponge, $17-$20

Walmart carries many brands that you will find at a lot more expensive beauty stores, like Ulta and Sephora. While merchandise is often the same, prices are not. You won’t even need sales to get items like this beautyblender sponge at Walmart and save money.

A Handy Hydration Backpack, $29

If you are ready to head out the door and be one with nature, you don’t have to get thirsty or broke to do that. This hydration backpack is absolutely amazing, high quality, and light for just $29.

A mid-century modern bench, $219

While this piece of furniture is not very cheap, it compensates in offered elegance and style. Make it a place where you or your guests can sit and take the shoes off and also have a place to store keys and little necessities while admiring a stylish lamp or vase.

A pretty pour-over coffee maker, $32

Coffee is a ritual of simplicity and taste, so you don’t need to get over the top appliances to indulge. This simple machine not only looks stylish, but makes a perfect cup of Joe. In fact, this glass coffee maker is more sanitary than electric ones and offers more control than k-cups.

coffee makers at WalmartHome and kitchen section is expansive at Walmart

A decorative mirror set, $15-$17

The three-mirror set is simple yet elegant and is definitely going to enrich your home and any décor style. They are not pretentious and very affordable, making them hard to beat.

A whimsical cookbook holder, $20-$22

Every counter and every cook should have a holder like that to help and give that extra spice for the kitchen. It’s made in collaboration with The Pioneer Woman and features bright design and sturdy hand. The stand mixes functionality with beauty, and who doesn’t enjoy that?

A rainbow flask bracelet, $28

Not that we suggest using it all the time, but for those parties that you have to, this will be the most perfect accessory and the most handy one. It can hold up to 4oz of drink of choice while oozing style.

Fun temporary tattoos, $12

Not everybody is ready for a permanent tattoo, yet crave the look. Try this INKED by Dani’s temporary tattoos and see how you like it. Every pack contains 10 hand-drawn cool designs, so you will definitely be able to get a taste of what it feels like before going under the real needle.

An interlocking love bracelet, $18

This is a perfect gift for the one you love and who says that it has to cost an arm and a leg? The bracelet is from Hallmark collection meant to celebrate our loved ones on every occasion.

Decorative driftwood wallpaper, $21-$30 per roll

Whether you own or rent, this is a simple, cheap, and stylish way to make your space cozy and special. Wall paper like this sticks and peels easily, but looks just like any professionally applied wall cover or paint job. If you get tired of it, just peel it off and change.

Sweet sunflower cotton ball jar, $6

This cotton ball jar can bring some sunshine not just to your bathroom, but to all guest rooms too. It can be a perfect house-warming gift. The pop of color won’t go unnoticed and might just make somebody’s day brighter, especially with a price like that.

A greenhouse, $300-$440

If you have a green thumb that is just itching all the time, get this cute green house and you will be able to garden all year round. It’s easy to transport, easy to assemble, and pretty easy on the eyes. In fact, it’s a toy that will keep giving and will make you happy with blooms and fruit.

An office chair with flair, $84

The design of this chair is so light and airy that it will brighten your office day anytime. It will also be a piece of art in the room when you are not on it, thanks to simple yet sophisticated design and materials. It’s also very comfortable, according to multiple reviews.

A retro wooden picnic basket, $38

There are so many uses for a basket like that: picnic, fruit picking, storage, decoration, and many other purposes, especially when you can get it for $38.