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Super Chewer Box Review

Super Chewer Backyard BBQ Box

Super Chewer never disappoints me and keeps my four legged love happy for a long time, which is my goal. I love the convenience of it – a box comes to my door every month bearing toys, treats, and hearty chews without me spending any time shopping and picking out stuff I know nothing about.

Every box features a theme and I can’t wait each month to find out what it is this time. I have seen snowmen and nutcrackers for winter, birds and bees for spring, and this month it’s summer Backyard BBQ. There is no way I would come up with themes like that and find items so perfectly fitting!

It is worth mentioning that Super Chewer is not the cheapest on the market, but there are ways to save on it. Don’t ever just pay month to month if you consider ordering it. The price for each month is a whopping $39, but it goes down to $34 with 6-month subscription, and even lower to $29 for 12 months. It seems a no brainer to sign up for a year. Their customer service is superb and will work with you to make you happy if there is something you don’t 100% like.

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Now the fun part begins – what entertainment actually comes in the box. All boxes have 2 toys, two bags of all natural USA made treats, and a couple of chews. The main reason I love Super Chewer so much is because of their toys. While many other boxes bring cute fluffy things, Super Chewer goes for tough rubber kind that actually have a chance to amuse a dog for longer than 30m minutes. My dog kills soft toys right away, so most other boxes are useless to us. Super Chewer toys last for days and sometimes even for weeks. Yes, a nylon corner might be missing after a while, but that doesn’t dampen the spirit of an experienced chewer one bit!

This is what goodies we got this time:

Tough nylon spatula for a grill

Super Chewer Tough nylon spatula for a grill

This is so absolutely cute! The spatula is spot on for BBQ theme and would be hard to find anywhere else. It looks so realistic that at first I thought it’s a real scoop for poop. As soon as I thought so, I retracted that thought and decided that it would have no connection with grilling, right?

It looks really tough, so I have every confidence that my dog will enjoy it for at least a few days, but I have been proven wrong before, so we’ll have to see about that.

Well Done Steak

Super Chewer Well Done Steak Toy

The steak doesn’t look as real as the spatula, but it might taste even better when filled with peanut butter and a few treats. It has a hollow inside just for that and I can see all the licking that will take place in this house and outside. We grill a lot during summer and now the dog will be able to feel in the middle of action with her own peanut buttery steak.

Plato Dog Treats Thinkers Duck Flavor Stick

Super Chewer Plato Dog Treats

This treat might be good, but it won’t provide lots of time for thinking. My dog devours soft delicacies like these in minutes and without a single thought in her head. I don’t mind that though – she deserves it for putting up with us and sometimes food is more important than thinking, am I right?

Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies by Super Chewer

After grilled steak and thinking chew stick, cookies are definitely in order. She is crazy about peanut butter, so these make perfect sense. I love using treats like these for training purposes. We are currently working on standing on hind legs while a treat is held high up. Thanks to treats like these, we are making great progress.

Duck Cuts Treats

Super Chewer Peanut Butter Cookies and Duck Cuts Treats

Another creation by Bark is also all natural, flavorful, and contains no harmful ingredients. The main ingredient here is meat, so understandably the little cuts smell very enticing and help produce plenty of drool from our good girl.

Duck Stick hard chew

Super Chewer Duck Stick hard chew

Finally, a chew that is hard, but still not too hard for these jaws. I usually split a stick like this in a few parts and extend the goodness to a few minutes, because we all would want to enjoy something this good a little longer.