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Marlo's Favorite Items from Super Chewer

Favorite Items from Super Chewer

As I was saying in our BarkBox review, after soft toys started getting killed too fast, we switched to Super Chewer box from Bark. I am very happy with this decision because I don’t have to witness the deaths of all cute sloths any more. It is also nice to let Marlo enjoy his toys a little longer than a few minutes.

Best Items from Super Chewer

Super Chewer box also comes once a month and includes 2 toys, two bags of treats and one or two tough chews. The chews are never too tough for Marlo, unless it’s a stinky hoof. Most other chews are gone right away, but it’s OK, he is a good boi and deserves them all.

My heart is especially happy about the toys that are made of tough rubber or natural silicone and can be played with for days, not just hours. For the purpose of this review I have to say that some toys have been enjoyed and got thrown away already, but I saved a couple to have for description here. They are going to be loved thoroughly after I take a few pictures to go with this text.

Top Items from Super Chewer

Because of tough toys and tasty treats, we will stick with Super Chewer in the future. I absolutely enjoy getting treats once a month for this spoiled dog who gets human food with his dry kibble and is gaining weight without any problems. What I need is extra toys to keep him active and loving life during this miserable corona quarantine.

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Super Chewer Top Items

This is what I saved from Super Chewer boxes and what Marlo wants to get his paws on ASAP:

Lovey Dove toy

Barkbox Super CHEWER Lovey Dove Toy for Dogs

This blue bird is made of solid nylon and feels very hefty. Marlo had a similar bee from the spring box, but it was smaller and got lost somewhere. I was hoping to find it first before letting him lose on this bird, but I might just give it to him. Having two kids, a husband, and a dog all home during quarantine I am surprised I haven’t lost my head yet, let alone the dog’s bee. 

Game Night Beef Recipe Dog treats

Super Chewer Game Night Beef Recipe Dog treats

The treats are nice and chewy and smell good even for humans. I love the natural ingredients and Marlo loves the taste very much indeed. The only way to still have some if these left is to have them hidden, which is what I do.

Butcher’s Block Bones krunchie tube

Super Chewer Butchers Block Bones krunchie tube

I am not sure what part of an animal this is, but it looks pretty gross to me. Marlo doesn’t think it’s gross and can smell the goodness of it through the plastic cover. It feels tough, so I am hoping he will enjoy it for a while, even though most tough looking chews are usually conquered in under 10 minutes.

Plato Pet Foods chicken recipe thinkers sausage

Super Chewer Plato Pet Foods chicken recipe thinkers sausage

We are familiar with this treat and we know we like it very much. It will be gone in 30 seconds after Marlo is unleashed on it, so this is why I am calling it one of his favorites and saving it for a special occasion.

Game Night pork rack snacks

Super Chewer Game Night pork rack snacks

What is chewy, smelly, and good all over? Yes, these pork thingies! They have no harmful ingredients or chemicals and are made with dogs’ taste buds in mind. If it works for Marlo, it works for me too. They were designed to fit in the groves of a tough silicone chew, but it has been chewed up before we could use all the treats, so that’s that.

Peanut butter and carob stick

Super Chewer Peanut butter and carob stick

I don’t know what carob is, but it looks very good. It smells even better for Marlo. It is waiting for a happy occasion and celebration. It is hard, but probably not hard enough for Marlo’s white teeth, because nothing is hard enough for them. 

Many beautiful and very tough toys are mourned by now, but I am still very happy with this box and the fact that we don’t receive any fluff. Life is about living for every dog and toys are for killing, but slowly. I am just happy Super Chewer toys bring fun for Marlo for a good while. I think we will be faithful customers for a long time!