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Super Chewer April 2020 The Great Outside Collection

Super Chewer April 2020

April Super Chewer box found us sitting at home, under quarantine, bored, frustrated, and tired of worrying. Our Fidos and Rexes, on the other hand, are doing well – spoiled with attention, treats, and extra walks outside. They are also responsible for helping us through tough times, so by all means they deserve each bone, each dry chicken chew, and every beef jerky in the world.

April Super Chewer box

My dog always loves getting a subscription box, or 3. I think he knows when something is being delivered to him and doesn’t even bark at the UPS guy. Or that may be because he just stopped barking all together due to the amount of useless stuff we order during quarantine. Every sane dog would eventually become tired of barking.

April SuperChewer box

All the barking aside though, this Super Chewer box didn’t disappoint, again. The theme is very appropriate – due to beautiful weather and quarantine orders, a walk in the great outdoors is one of a few pleasures left to us. If outdoors time or space availability is limited, Super Chewer toys will help your dog use the imagination while destroying the new goodies at home.

Super Chewer April Offers

Needless to say, getting dog supplies right to the door is great these days, no matter what your opinion about the need for quarantine is. And you don’t even have to worry about selecting stuff – everything comes ready for you and curated by dog lovers and experts at Bark. I say we all could wag our tails for that, not only our barking loves!

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Super Chewer Dog Treat

This is what my super chewer got to enjoy this time:

Lamb Recipe Dog Treats with Pears

Super Chewer Lamb Recipe Dog Treats with Pears

Just like with all the treats made for Super Chewer, these sound and smell amazing. According to dogs, they taste pretty good too. They are made in the USA and have no wheat, soy, corn, or grain. In other words, we could eat it too. Lamb and pear combination – I would totally go for it!

Reef Rod

Super Chewer Reef Rod

This intricate creation is made of tough nylon and smells like peanut butter.  Strangely enough peanut butter gets most dogs going and mine is no exception. Tough as it might be, I imagine it gone in pieces after two days, and every piece still smelling like peanut butter.

Sweet potato chips

Super Chewer Sweet Potato Chips

Dehydrated sweet potatoes don’t sound very appealing to me, but there is one creature that doesn’t care if potato is sweet or unsweet, raw, cooked, or dehydrated – he loves them all. And then it talks about small warm dog farts on the package, so it’s completely good for all of us involved.


Super Chewer Flungi

The squeaker is buried deep into this natural rubber for ultimate catching and chewing pleasure. I know somebody who won’t relax until it’s taken apart and the squeaker is removed. Gladly, it might take a few days of work, which means peace to me and no interruption for kids with school assignments.

Dried fish stick

Super Chewer Dried Fish Stick

This one is definitely a masterpiece. It smells like fish and it’s tough to chew. I have never seen something like that for sale, but I will look for it now, because it’s perfect if consumed outside. Trust me, you don’t want this fishy delight to be eaten on your carpet! The outdoors is the theme this month, so it fits great.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to enjoy for your dog from Bark this time. Hopefully it will help all of you to survive until the relaxation of stiff rules and the time when we all are allowed to roam freely!