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National Dog Hugging Day

National Dog Hugging Day Offers

National Dog Hugging Day should be every day. We hug them all the time anyway. One of the biggest reasons for having a dog is their unconditional love and desire to cuddle with us without an eye roll. Try that with a cat and you might get your eyes scratched out. OK, maybe not fully scratched out, but you would definitely see some serious fuss.

Dogs are easy, according to dog people. Most of them crave attention and love from their owners all the time. Mine follows me into the restroom and when I close the door, he at least puts his paw under it, for connection and moral support I guess. He also sleeps on my shower mat when I’m taking it and hangs under my chair while I work. So yes, I hug him all the time and he likes it.

Chewy Spring Offers 2021

I also do more than just hug. I have Chewy.com deliver tasty treats and fun toys for him all the time, because while hugging is nice, every pampered pooch needs some substance too. It goes something like this – hug hug, treat – hug hug, treat. You have to pay for what you get, always.

Chewy was a real life saver for all pet owners during the darkest days of Corona pandemic last year, and not only dog parents. Chewy caters to cats, reptiles, rodents, fish, and even horses. We often wanted nothing to do with scary grocery and pet stores or simply didn’t feel like mingling with a mask on around other masked people. This is when Chewy became the biggest help for us all. The online store is super friendly, ships fast, and has thousands of brands for everything pet related.

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I went all out for my dog during the COVID-19 era. He had to put up with me, my husband, and two kids at home torturing him with hugs and tug wars 24/7, so the least I could do is spoil him a little. I ordered a ton of toys, chews, treats, canned food, and grooming supplies from Chewy. I even tried a monthly puppy box with toys, treats, and chews. You know, kids had their KiwiCo crates, I had my FabFitFun and CauseBox, husband had nothing, but the dog definitely needed some monthly deliveries.

National Dog Hugging Day with Chewy

Chewy offers more than just stuff I was getting. Many people were able to get virtual vet consultations and fill prescriptions with the help of the company, which saw unprecedented growth last year. And I am very happy they did, because I need them around. I need them when I want to spoil my dog as much as for when I have to buy some essentials that are not part of the spoiling.

So as the day for dog hugs is ending, hug your dog again, because they deserve it. After some serious hugging, treat them, stock up on goodies for them, order subscription service from Chewy and let them enjoy the surprise every month. The places like Chewy make our lives easier and leave us more time to enjoy all the hugging and playing without wasting it on shopping.

So here is to more love and less worries for the rest of 2021!