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KiwiCo Crate Honest Review

KiwiCo Stem BoxDisk launcher from KiwiCo is great for outdoor table games

KiwiCo is a subscription box for kids of all ages with STEM related activities. Service like this is especially vital in 2020, when the entire country is closing, opening, and then closing again without an end in sight. Kids have been stuck at home without school and without camps since March. Seeing friends is also still limited in some states, so unsurprisingly, families are at their rope end looking for things to keep kids occupied with, besides screen time.

KiwiCo Subscription Box for KidsYoung explorers love KiwiCo

This is where KiwiCo activities can help. Sure, the box comes just once a month, but when it does come and for a while afterwards, it will keep kids occupied. All activities are age coordinated, but all equally engaging and fun. We, as parents, always seek projects that would teach something and not serve only as a mindless game, and with this kids don’t even know they are engaging in learning.

KiwiCo offers different lines for these ages:

  • Panda crate (0-24 months)
  • Koala crate (2-4 years)
  • Kiwi crate (5-8)
  • Atlas crate (6-11)
  • Doodle crate (9-16+)
  • Tinker crate (9-16+)
  • Maker crate (14-104)
  • Eureka crate (14-104)

I love the 104 years old specification, but not sure what 105 year olds are supposed to do – I smell some ageism!

KiwiCo Kids Box 20offBuilding directions can be fun too

You can currently save 15% on everything with code FIREWORKS. There is usually some sale going on and some coupons always available, especially for new customers, so look for savings opportunities before ordering one of their awesome lines.

My son is 5 and very handy, so we decided to try Kiwi crate and it didn’t disappoint! This month’s project was building a wooden disk launcher. It came with high quality materials and very clear step-by-step directions.

KiwiCo Subscription 20offAdult guidance is needed, but just for a few minutes

I can happily report that the device is really working and it wasn’t complicated to make. It made my son follow steps and have patience as he did almost everything by himself. I was very proud! He also has an older brother who is always ready to help, so I was needed only for pictures. And those I made sure to take aplenty because I love watching my boys work together.

I have neither tools nor imagination to come up with an idea like this and don’t know where I could find a project like this for sale, so I am very thankful to KiwiCo for sending it to us.