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My Holiday Decor Essentials

My Holiday Decor Essentials

If I had to choose one word to describe my Christmas décor, it would be – gnomes. I have been truly obsessed with gnomes for a while now, so much so that my family has got some seriously good material for teasing me. I have gnomes for all the main holidays of the year. I have Easter gnomes, Halloween gnomes, and a ton of Christmas gnomes. I shall expand my collection this year with Valentine’s Day and Independence Day gnomes, if such things even exist, that is.

Christmas Décor

I’ll get to where I buy my gnomes a bit later, but I just want to mention that I have other decorations too. I never throw anything away, so after all these years I have amassed quite a large collection of ornaments too. I have enough to go with different colors every year. This year, it’s pink and white.

Pink and White Christmas Decor

Actually it was pink and white last year too, but only because it’s my favorite combination and not because I don’t have plenty of ornaments to go all green, blue, or red.

Christmas Gnome

Christmas decoration starts after Thanksgiving at our house. Some years it’s a little later. I love this time of the year and drag everybody to look at malls and fancy neighborhoods to check their decorations and light shows, it’s totally my jam. Kids don’t mind that either, especially my 6-year old, and husband suffers silently. After all the outings and inspirations I cover every corner of my house.

Ornaments from Personalization Mall

I get a lot of stuff from Personalization Mall, from ornaments to door mats and wooden board for message display. When I bought this board I didn’t expect my little boy to take such interest in it. But he did and took it to the next level.

Personalized Board from Personalization Mall

He uses that board to play with letters and to display messages to family. These days it’s all Christmas related and he changes it every day. If you have little kids, I highly recommend getting this great quality personalized board to encourage kids to practice writing words. There is still time to get it from Personalization Mall before Christmas.

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Christmas Gnomes Decor

While I had some Christmas gnomes from last year, I got some new ones, obviously. Thankfully my husband can’t keep up with my gnomes; otherwise I might be in trouble. This year I ordered 3 Rae Dunn from Amazon for $60. That’s a lot of money for 3 gnomes, but they were dressed like Santa’s elves and oh so cute. Turns out these were just the beginning! I went to Home Goods for can’t even remember what and the first thing I saw was an entire shelf full of gnomes! So 3 more went home with me, all pink, because I am going for a pink theme this year.

Fir Tree Scented Candles

Home Goods is probably the best destination to visit before Christmas. They have a ton of fir tree scented candles and hand soaps, affordable wreaths, sparkly decorative Christmas trees, gifts galore, European candy, festive pillows, gift wrapping paper, and so much more. I have to keep myself away from Home Goods as much as from Home Depot garden section in spring.

Christmas Tree Decoration

Pike Nurseries is another place for nice decorations, but they are way too for me. Our tree came from a local farm, which provided the whole experience with beautiful trees, fancy decorations, and hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Christmas Gnomes

Costco always has nice stuff before holidays. I get real wreaths above my garage doors there for just $19.99 each. Giant outdoor Christmas ornaments came from there years ago too.

Kitchen Window Light Strings

Kitchen window light strings and Holiday village music box are both from Costco and have been used for a few years.

Holiday Village Music Box

But above all else, especially when it comes to gifts, ornaments, and personalized stockings, nothing beats Personalization Mall. This year all my loved ones will be getting custom made gifts from there too and I know they will cherish them for years to come, just like I cherish personalized ornaments year after year.